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Why us?

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    Thought having your personal interior decorator was only for the Miranda Kerr’s of the world? Not anymore!
    Starting from $299 flat-fee per room, the space you’ve always dreamed of has never been so affordable. Because life’s too short for bleh décor, painful drawn-out shopping expeditions or wasting precious dollars on pieces that just don’t quite work together.

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    One space, one price, always. Be it bedroom, living room, kids room, studio or mancave – any room, you name it, it’s all the same price. Our focus is on making the space of your dreams a reality, not on getting bogged down marking up prices according to how you decide to use your own rooms.
    And another thing, we R-E-S-P-E-C-T your budget. $20, $500, $2000, whatever. Our designers work with what you have, to get you what you dreamed, but never imagined was possible!

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    Behind the scenes, we’ve poured over hundreds of portfolios, chatted endlessly over too many coffees and calls, getting to know each designer as a creative professional and importantly, as a person.
    We’re so proud to be able to introduce you to a bunch that couldn’t be happier to meet you! Our designers are hand-picked for creative talent, personal warmth and their ability to bring your dreams to life.

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    User Friendly

    Your designer doesn’t send you emails. Email is for work and this is play. There are no meetings, no places to be, no times to make, no waiting around endlessly at home for no one to arrive.

    You interact with your designer 100% online on our awesome eDecorating platform. Your designer sends you concept boards and messages on the platform so that you can respond whenever and wherever it suits you. Simple!

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    Free Support

    We live for design. So please let us do what we love. Your first design question is FREE! Just sign up to our newsletter and it’s yours.

    When you complete a project on Milray Park, we don’t just love you and leave you. Your designer will be around for another 2 weeks to answer any questions you have about your final design package, and after that, we’ll be around for another 30 days! That’s 45 days of 100% free support in total.