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Approach to design

I like to focus on the big picture in the initial design process, whether it be an entire house or a single room. This enables me to develop a concept that will be liveable and specific for that client, but will incorporate their current furniture or favourite pieces and support their way of life. I believe in considering space efficiency, layout and function before the decorative details, which come after that. I work efficiently and know communication - clients requests and likes/dislikes, ensures the brief is met at the end of the project. I also like to consider the finer details of designs to make a room special and unique. As my style is Comfortable but Eclectic this works well and a pop of glamour or a fashion item is my signature.

Professional biography

In 2000 I completed a certificate of interior design via correspondance at Harcourt Learning when my children were all at school. I opened my business in 2002 and serviced country clients building new homes or renovating, in South Gippsland and in Melbourne. After 15 years of working hard I established myself in the community with a good strong reputation and am often called on by builders or cabinet makers to assist their clients throughout the building process in both residential and commercial projects. In 2014 I decided to update my skills eg Cad, 3d rendering, design trends etc and commenced a Diploma of Interior Design with CATC part time whilst still working my business. I am in my last year with only 3 subjects to complete and have received best submission and excellence awards. I have now moved to northern Victoria, 2.5 hours away from Melbourne, and am still doing design work that covers anything from a colour scheme, sourcing,cabinetry design and styling to a new build.

Favourite design styles

  • Boho
  • Country Rustic
  • Transitional

Designer skills

  • Residential design

Sue Williams's portfolio

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