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Milray Park: Affordable Online Interior Design Service For $299 / room


Simply great design

Milray Park was founded on a single but powerful idea: to make accessing great design, simple. The alchemy of what we engineered is just the right mix of leveraged technology, sourcing the best in designer talent, a simplified no-fuss pricing structure and an intuitive approach to service. Like the Milray Park Concierge™ who will negotiate retail discounts for you and take care of any post-design assistance you may need. Your dream space is our command and we’re so proud to be a part of that.

Why us?

One Simple Price

Although we love all shades of colour, there are no grey areas when it comes to our pricing. With one simple flat-fee price, personalised interior design has never been more affordable or transparent. Starting from $299 per room.

Handpicked Designer Talent

Our designers have been handpicked for creative talent, personal warmth and their ability to bring your dreams to life. So when you select your favourite Milray Park designer to collaborate with, you can rest assured that you made your selection from one special bunch.

Fully Flexible Design

Whether you prefer to have face-to-face design consultations or collaborate all online with your designer, we tailor our services to work exactly how you want. There’s no red tape here. Just green lights. All the way to your dream space.

Smart Customer Service

From the moment you start your design project, we assign you a Project Manager who’s available to you at all times to listen to whatever your unique situation is and help in every possible way. And even if you don’t get in touch, they’ll be there, quietly attending to your project’s progress anyway.

The Extra Mile(s)

As a client, you get exclusive access to the Milray Park Concierge™ who will take care of any post-design related assistance you may need, from providing extra design help, to sourcing replacement items and finding additional decor pieces.

Get Discounts & Save $

The Milray Park Concierge™ can negotiate retail discounts so that you’re able to shop like an industry insider and save up to 20% off tag prices. With savings on your Shopping List you’re covering the cost of your design package.

Just a girl, standing in a shopping centre, trying to find a couch

When law grad Sally Bevan, found herself spending precious weekends agonising over furniture choices at the Home Centre, she threw in the towel in search of a better way. Turning to trusty Google, she found a handful of interior designers willing to offer their services all online. Reclaiming her weekends and scoring a professionally designed space, she imagined how this could help others too. After hearing friends grumble over the same experience, she finally set out to redefine the process. Milray was the name of the street she lived on. It means home to her and she hopes it will for you too.