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Milray Park Designer Mardi Mason transformed a classic Airbnb listing into an outstanding home-away-from-home in inner-city Melbourne.

Client: Anthony, property investor
Designer: Mardi Mason
Where: North Carlton, Melbourne
Purpose: Airbnb
Budget: $10,000

#1 Anthony’s brief: create a quintessentially Melbourne pad in the heart of North Carlton

Anthony tasked Milray Park Designer Mardi Mason to design a truly unique space that reflects the edgy inner-city Melbourne’s look & feel.

Knowing there was some serious Airbnb competition in his area, it was of utmost importance that the listing stands out in the sea of options presented to travellers while remaining functional and comfortable for guests.


#2 Mardi’s design concept: a monochrome and contemporary space that reflects Melbourne’s vibrancy

“Melbourne is a trendy and moody city with black a known favourite colour of the locals. I wanted to reflect that in the space, whilst still keeping it warm and inviting. So, with this in mind, I went for a contemporary, monochrome theme, using natural timbers and tan leather to add texture, warmth and interest. I have carried this into the upstairs master bedroom to ensure a cohesive look throughout the property”, explains Mardi.


Staying in this apartment allows guests to explore North Carlton, one of Melbourne’s most charming suburbs, without compromising on comfort and style! It’s easy to enjoy a coffee on the terrace before heading out to explore top-notch cafés, as well as some great bars and restaurants.

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#3 Anthony’s Feedback: so easy!

What attracted me to Milray Park was the incredible convenience.

I purchased this place as an investment property. I knew it used to be a successful Airbnb listing and I wanted to keep the ball rolling. However, I didn’t have any time to dedicate to decorating and shopping around. Plus, interior design has never been one of my strongest points.

“Milray Park online interior design service seems like the easiest and best option available to me.”

 All I had to do was to provide my designer, Mardi Mason, with a short brief. A few days later, she came up with a stunning design concept for the whole apartment! I then placed all my orders in one click via Shop with Milray Park and the team coordinated all deliveries for me so everything had arrived when the photograph came to take pics.

In the end, I saved time, money and the guests absolutely love it! I had amazing feedback and I have almost reached a 100% occupancy rate! 

Check out Anthony’s listing on Airbnb

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