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Really liked the last reno post on Interiors Addict? Feeling inspired by the Australian home tour featured on this morning’s The Design Files newsletter? Still not quite sure how to recreate that vibe in your own space or even where to start?

It will be much easier once you’ve learned the basics. Being able to put a name to your favourites design styles is a great place to begin.

Industrial Interior Design Style

The industrial design style emphasises the raw, exposed backbone of a space.
Characterised by exposed brick, steel beams and raw materials, it highlights the history of a property. When thinking industrial design think converted warehouses, converted barns and loft apartments.
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Mid-Century Interior Design Style

Mid-century design emerged in the 1940’s to 1970’s and epitomised a relaxed post-war era.
The design aesthetic uses natural curved shapes such as the egg like Eames chair and minimalist silhouettes to evoke a nostalgic retro style. It offers ‘fuss free’ living style that highlights the functionality and openness of a space.
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Coastal Interior Design Style

Coastal interior design style typically utilises a white or cream base palette layered with bright blues, red and yellows.
It encapsulates beach house living, using weathered wood, nautical decor and fresh crisp linen to create a bright and airy space that feels relaxing and fresh.
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Regency Interior Design Style

Characterised by a sense a grandeur blended with a colourful oriental palette, the Regency style is a homage to 18th-century living.
Chandeliers and brightly coloured materials are commonplace and paired with patterned wallpaper which give the space a regal look and feel.
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Country Rustic Interior Design Style

A relaxed approach to interior design, Country Rustic style is consisting of repurposed objects and natural materials. It offers a cosy and warm environment akin to country living.
Exposed beams and barn doors are paired back with neutral tones in the furniture and decor.
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Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional design style is all about mixing the old with the new. It creates a space that perfectly blends a sleek modern feel with traditional elegance.
The result is an elegant, enduring design that is both comfortable and classic.
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Modern Interior Design Style

Modern interior design approaches spaces in a simplistic way, highlighting functionality opposed to unnecessary cluttering. This design is perfect for small spaces as is it offers the illusion of space through not overcrowding with accessories. This design attempts to highlight geometry, focusing on clean lines and asymmetrical cohesion.
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Scandi Interior Design Style

Scandi design blends functionality and simplicity seamlessly. Spaces are not overcrowded but carefully constructed to evoke a simple easy going lifestyle.
There is a great importance on white as a base to layer subtle hints of colour. The Scandinavian interior design style uses light coloured wood features and simple decor to add warmth, textures and depth. It is simple and uncomplicated.
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Spanish Interior Design Style

Spanish design is all about creating a vibrant colourful space reminiscent of a Tuscan villas or Greek Tavernas. The colour palette uses rich earthy tones like terracotta, deep blues and reds married with dark timber, decorative tiles and wrought iron features.
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Asian Interior Design Style

Balance is key when looking at Asian interior design. It is about creating a harmonious space. Furniture placement is well considered, looking at creating a positive flow throughout the space. Incorporating hand carved and painted furniture pieces paired with a tranquil blend of neutral, bright and metallic colours.
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Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic style uses vintage style and antique decor that evokes a soft femininity reminiscent of the French countryside. The use of distressed furniture and soft pastel colourings attribute to this sense of femininity and casual living.
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Art Deco Interior Design Style

Art Deco first emerged in the 1920’s and is strongly influenced by architecture. It uses strong lines, geometry and bold colour palettes.
Art Deco allows creative freedom with patterns and materials, blending glass, chrome and gold seamlessly within a space. Clean-lined artwork and curved furniture create a sleek elegant Great Gatsby inspired interior.
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Island Interior Design Style

The island style is encapsulated by rich timber in bright airy spaces adorned with palm fronds, jute rugs and linen/cotton fabrics. Island interiors layer textures in the furnishing and use hints of colours to lift the space.
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Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional design echoes a classic European style incorporating rich mahogany wood tones, ornate architectural details and elegant furnishings.
This design style integrates antique pieces such as claw-footed tables and chairs that embody a sense of occasion and sophistication.
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Boho Interior Design Style

Bohemian decor embodies a carefree eclecticism. Taking inspiration from around the world this style blends bright colours and tribal-like patterns.
Boho uses several textures to layer a space including hand woven rugs, sheepskin throws and indoor plants which create an ordered messiness.
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Still not too sure what’s your interior design style? Take our short style quiz and find out in no time!

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