Minimum Design Standards

Looking for Talented Designers!

These are the Milray Park’s standards outlined for all design submissions and other uploads 
to the website by users.

All work must be original.

For Users to note!

Users must adhere to the Project Timeline.

Project Timeline

First Looks and Final Design Boards must respond to the customer’s brief (including but not limited to the client budget).

In the event of non-compliant submissions, the customer has the right to request a new compliant First Look or Final Design Board as applicable or a change of designer in which case, payment for the package will be rechanneled to the new designer.

All product recommendations must be available to purchase online immediately.

The optimal size for a design board is:


File width


File height


Failure to comply with the Minimum Design Standards can result in the removal of your designs, suspension of your account and in some cases, deactivation. We may also withhold, cancel or reverse payments to you where we believe your designs are in violation of these standards.

Milray Park reserves the right to deem the general quality of a submission to be unacceptable and therefore non-compliant with these standards.

As a guideline, we define an acceptable quality of submission to be:

Highly professional
Use of best professional and creative efforts and skills
Meets the brief
Suitable for the client purpose and preferences


That in addition to the Minimum Design Standards, the Milray Park User Agreement details your rights and responsibilities when using our service.

User Agreement

Customer complaints procedure

Our goal is to create a high quality, fun, professional and inspiring marketplace for high quality design.

If you think your design does not meet the Minimum Design Standards, please let us know and we will try our best to find a solution to get you a design that you are delighted with.