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Please find below our FAQs for customers & designers.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please drop us a message on the Contact us page and we will get back to you right as soon as possible!

FAQ for Customers

What is Milray Park?

Milray Park is a unique eDecorating platform giving all Australians access to personalised interior design service online for one simple flat-fee price of $299/room.

What makes Milray Park unique?

On Milray Park, you collaborate with your interior designer 100% online on our easy to use eDecorating platform. Simplicity and convenience mean there are no face to face meetings, no emails, no places to be. Your designer sends you concept boards and messages directly on the platform so that you can provide feedback whenever and wherever it suits you.

How much do you charge for your online interior design service?

Milray Park design services are valued at a flat-fee rate per room (or functional space when it’s an open plan space).

If you select a Silver Designer you will be charged $299/room and if you select a Gold Designer you will be charged $599/room, no matter which room it is.

Need help with more than one room? We also offer a multi-room package! Get a quote and learn more.

What if I really want to have an interior designer to visit my home?

Once you have created your project and submitted your brief, you can request to add an in-house consultation to your package – it costs an additional $199 (some areas excluded).

Alternatively, you can also request a free phone consultation.

What is the difference between Gold and Silver Designers?

Gold Designers are senior designers with 5+ years’ experience. Silver Designers are classic designers with less than 5 years’ experience but still super talented. All designerss have been pre-vetted by Milray Park for their talent and ability.

What can Milray Park Interior Designer help me with?

Our interior designers‘ strength is helping you create the space you will love to live in within your budget and style. This includes making suggestions to bring what you have with what could work well, by visually showing you complete looks so that you can decorate with confidence.

Milray Park Designers can also help you choosing colours, materials of flooring, cabinetry etc. However, they cannot provide you with any structural advice, drafting or cabinetry design.

How many designers can I invite to my design projects?

You can invite as many or as little designers as you want. Just remember that the first one to accept your invite will become your designer! So, if it’s one designer that you love in particular, just send one invitation exclusively to them.

Can you help me choose the best interior designer for my project?

Once you’ve registered on the platform and fill in your short profile, the Milray Park Design Team can provide you with a shortlist of great Designer recommendations. Our matchmaking success rate is 99.99%.

When is the best time to start my design project?

If you need design help for your actual home, start your project now! Dream homes don’t wait.

If you need design help for your new home but don’t live there yet, we will recommend starting your project 5 to 6 weeks before your moving date. This will allow you to take the time to see what is possible and to snag those great quality and great price pieces that are often very popular and can be on backorder.

Keep in mind that if you do not wish to purchase items at the end of your service, and if any piece happens to become discontinued before you do decide to purchase, your designer will be delighted to provide you with a replacement at any time!

How long should I expect my project to last?

We estimate that a project will take from 2 to 3 weeks to be completed but this generally depends on how quickly you & your designer work together. You can see the Project Timeline here.

What do I need to start a project?

To start with, you will need to fill in a short brief in which you tell your designer more about your space and your design preferences.

Prior to fill in your brief, take a few snaps of your room and create a quick floorplan – a rough layout of the room with key measurements – so your designer can ensure all items specified will actually fit into your space. If you’re not too sure where to start, take a look at our handy instructions to whip yours together.

You can also upload or link any images that inspire you to help your designer understand the look you would like to achieve for your space. However, this is totally up to you!

Can designers work with my existing furniture?

Absolutely! In your brief, there is a place for you to include any existing pieces of furniture you’d like incorporated into your design. Similarly, there is a place to request any specific pieces of new furniture and/or decor items you’d like your designer to suggest.

What should be my budget?

We work within any kind of budget, so whether it’s $5,000 or $500,000, you can rest assured that our designers will maximize your design, to make your budget work harder for you.

Which brands do your designers specify from?

Whilst we don’t have a set list that our designers design from, we like to work with suppliers that have been vetted for quality and style to ensure that you will be getting the best outcome for your look and for your budget. These suppliers are both well-known brands (like West Elm, Zanui, Brosa or Coco Republic), and exclusive trade-only brands (like GlobeWest, Uniqwa and MRD Home just to name a few).

Saying that we don’t like to limit the product range too much as we find it limits the range of possibilities for your space. If you do however like a particular brand and want your pieces to come from there – just let your designer know. Otherwise, you can leave it up to your designer who will be sourcing the best pieces at the best prices for your overall look.

What do I receive at the end of my design service?

Once you are  happy with your design, your designer will provide you with your Final Design Package including:

  • a Final Moodboard
  • a Floorplan
  • a Shopping List
  • a Debrief note

Remember, even after your Final Design Package has been published, your designer will still be available to you for any questions!

How can I order the items in my Shopping List?

Your shopping list includes all the items you need to implement your design. 

To place your order you simply need to follow the links to purchase the items you want directly on supplier’s websites.

Do I have to buy all the items my designer has included in my Shopping List?

You are not obligated at any time to purchase any items on your shopping list. However, if you decide to do so, your Shopping List includes links so you can easily place your orders directly on supplier’s websites, exactly the way you want, and at your own pace.

What should I do if some of the items in my Shopping List have become out of stock?

After you get your Final Design Package, your designer will be available for another two weeks for any help, including finding replacements. After that, the Milray Park Design Team will be around for a further 30 days for anything else! That’s a total 45 days of post-project support! 

What if I am not 100% satisfied with my design?

Keep in mind that nothing is really spot on on the first stroke and don’t forget that teamwork makes the dream work!

Once your designer has uploaded your First Look Moodboard in response to your project brief, you can use your 2x revisions to refine the design together.

To get the most out of your service, make sure you provide your designer with plenty of feedback and direction before each revision board is generated. You may even like to include visual direction in the form of images or inspo along the way – we know that sometimes it’s difficult to put things into words.  

Can I cancel my project?

Once a project brief has been launched we are unable to cancel you project. Please refer to our Cancellation policy for more info.

Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our Refunds policy for more info.

FAQ for Designers

What is Milray Park?

Milray Park is Australia’s home of eDecorating, created for designers to unlock an unlimited pool of clients through the web and scale their business and offering.

What are the advantages of being a Milray Park Designers?

Milray Park allows designers to get more customers and work more flexibly.
Milray Park takes care of things like marketing, establishing an online presence, project management, payment processing and invoicing services so the designers can get on with doing what they love best.

What does Milray Park provide interior designers with?

Milray Park offers interior designers a place where they can access design work, market their name and services, showcase their work, build up a portfolio, access Milray Park’s designer services and Milray Park’s exclusive eDecorating platform that makes working with clients easy, fun and seamless.
Upon joining, Milray Park designers will access a listing in our design directory where they can showcase their work, their approach to design and talk about their professional experience.
Milray Park designers may also access a range of other benefits including professional photography opportunities.

How much does it cost to get a Milray Park profile?

Getting a Milray Park profile is free!
When designers complete design jobs, their client’s pay a flat-fee per room and designers earn 85% of that fee once they complete the design project less payment processing fees (Stripe charges 2.9% + 30c).

What is a design project?

A design project describes the process whereby design client’s launch their project through releasing their brief, to choosing their winning designers, working one-on-one with their winning designer in design phase and finally receiving their final design package.

How do Milray Park designers get a design job?

Designers may be invited to submit a first look by customers from the design directory. Designers can increase their chances of being invited to jobs by showcasing photographs of their best work, from a range of popular styles. Designers may also describe their experience and ability in their profiles.
Designers can also increase their chances by demonstrating a high level of customer service. Customers will be asked to rate their designer at the end of a job. Designers with higher customer ratings will rank preferably as they complete more and more jobs and customer ratings are published.

How much time does it take to complete a Milray Park design project?

Most projects should take in total approximately 4 hours of work, spread an average of 2 weeks. This time is broken down roughly into:
Prepare first look: 1 hour
Design phase: 2 hours
Submit final design package: 1 hour
You must refer to the Project Timeline for projection duration guidelines.

What if something comes up and I can't work on Milray Park jobs?

Totally fine! We are here when you want to work. There is no requirement to respond to invitations or to work a minimum of jobs. However, if you are working on a design project and then realise that you can not finish it in time or at all, you must notify us at [email protected] as soon as you know so that we can get a suitable replacement for you. Please be familiar with our End User Agreement for full requirements and procedures.

When should I submit the Final Design Package?

Once the customer is satisfied with all concept revisions in design phase you can ask them if they approve the release of the Final Design Package. You must obtain this approval prior to submitting. Once the customer has approved designer should submit the Final Design Package in accordance with the Project Timeline.

What if design phase is taking longer than the Project Timeline allows?

We keep an eye out on all projects. If you feel you’re likely to run over the Project Timeline, let us know at [email protected] with the project name.

How do designers communicate with clients?

All communication must remain on the Milray Park website. Any off website communication may result in designer suspension. Please refer to the End User Terms.

Where can designers source product for the design projects?

Products must be available online for the customer to buy. You cannot recommend trade-only products. Products must be able to be shipped directly to the customer without your coordination.
Please ensure that the products you recommend will be available to purchase for 30 days from the date you submit your final design package.

If a product on the shopping list provided becomes ‘unavailable’ before a client purchases it, what is the solution?

If the client tries to buy a product on their shopping list within 30 days of the delivery of the final design package and it is sold out or discontinued, then the designer will need to find another option for the client. After the 30 day period, the Milray Park design team will find the client another option.
The best way to ensure the product will be available is to call the supplier and check availability prior to showing the product to the client to save any disappointment.

How can I get my Milray Park work professionally photographed?

We are happy to help with professional photography. We take applications for photography 2 months after the job has been completed (to allow the customer to purchase and set up design). After 2 months please email [email protected] with job name and date of completion. Photography approval is subject to customer approval and Milray Park discretion.

How do I become a Milray Park designer?

First we recommend you have a look at the Designer Registration Requirements and the Minimum Design Standards. If you believe that you fit the bill we encourage you to apply by creating a Designer login and filling out your application. We endeavour to get back to our applicants ASAP with their outcomes.

When do designers get paid?

Payments are processed by Stripe upon delivery of the client’s Final Design Package. Stripe automatically transfers the fee to the designer’s nominated bank account on a 7-day rolling basis. For more details on the timing of payments please refer to Stripe support.