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The city of Melbourne is rife with food to eat, beer to drink, things to do and sights to see, but how about places to live? If you’re a young, dapper man like myself, you want apartments that encapsulate your point of view without going overboard. In other words: no Playboy posters on the wall or dumbbells strewn about the floor. Rather, you want spacious décors overflowing with sleek colours, modern furnishings and creative vibes. Check out these 10 Masculine Melbourne Apartments to see if something catches your eye.

#1 Best of Both Worlds

ITN Architects did a bang up job converting a former Catholic Technical College into masterful warehouse apartment that any man would be thrilled to call his own. Many of the original details were conserved while a ton of new renovations were added. As a result this Melbourne living space seamlessly blends the best of old world and new world to remarkable effect.  

#2 Me, Tarzan

Flanked by gum trees and awash with natural light is The Tardis, a famously tiny Airbnb studio rental in North Fitzroy. This one is for those functional types who appreciate a good design, but don’t plan to spend too much time around the pad. To give you a better idea of the accommodations: in lieu of a bedroom is a double bed tucked under a utilities bench.

#3 Trendy by Design

On Moor Street in the heart of Fitzroy is a designer Airbnb with its own private courtyard and an interior that’s truly trending. Not only is everything top of the line and eye-catching, but it’s also for sale. Yes, that one-off furniture and plush robe can be all yours at the right price. Or you can just stay the night.

#4 Shades of Grey

Grey is a versatile and sleek colour that really brings a modern aura to any given living space. For example, check out this apartment in South Yarra from Carr Design. Long slates of dreamy grey give a subtle and brilliant industrial vibe to an otherwise cosy interior. I love it.

#5 Townhouse

Crunched between industrial buildings and thereby sticking out like a brilliant thumb is this modern townhouse in South Melbourne. It’s a triumphant three-level stunner that’s close to popular destinations like the Crown Casino and Yarra River. On the design front, it hosts floor-to-ceiling windows and a rather unconventional exterior. Sure, passerbys might be watching you make breakfast, but they’ll be watching with envy in their eyes.

#6 Yin and Yang

Sometimes you want an apartment generally masculine but not without the feminine touch. For that, look no further than this luxurious high-end space in Brighton. Designed by Hassell and decorated by renowned stylist Simone Haag, this apartment is overflowing with choice furniture and artwork that never intrudes on the completely organic, modern vibe. Accordingly, the space represents a perfect meeting ground between dark masculine colour and open feminine warmth.

#7 Holy Smokes, Batman!

While not an apartment and probably not available for rent, Toorak’s Wayne Residence is simply too cool (and masculine) not to mention. Above ground it’s a heritage mansion decked out with tons of architectural prestige. Then a secret ramp next to tennis court lifts up and takes you down to a personal car garage modelled after the BatCave in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series. Boy and man alike would love this place.

#8 Art Decorative

This South Melbourne home infuses classic style with the personal touch to create a space like no other. Dark, modern furniture and geometric patterns are coupled with eclectic artwork and reliable, artisanal materials like raw wood. Every room is a visual feast for the senses, overflowing with identity and creativity, two things some men pride themselves on having.

#9 Visions of Gehry

Here we have a stunning West Melbourne loft from Adrian Amore Architects. This apartment is quite simply a masterpiece of stark modernity. The aesthetic interplay between sleek grey marble and monochromatic white alone is enough to make me salivate. Throw in all sorts of physical curvature and an epic spiral staircase of Frank Gehry magnitude and you have yourself a modern male fantasy brought to life.

#10 Inner Space

If like most men you enjoy your space, check out this brilliant two-level loft inside a warehouse conversion. The interior is overflowing with openness and light and the prime location grants you instant access to some of Fitzroy’s hottest destinations. Now you’re living in style.  

Scott Purcell is a Contributing Editor of Milray Park Magazine. Scott is the Co-Founder of Man of Many, a leading Australian online men’s lifestyle magazine which showcases the latest in products, culture, and style. You can follow them on their Instagram here @manofmanytastes

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