2020 Best Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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Have you ever wondered why Scandinavian interior design styles haven’t gone out of fashion? Or why Scandinavian bedrooms look so comfortable and chic? Ask any interior designer and they’ll probably say it’s because Scandi style isn’t so much a trend, but more a way of life. 

The natural textures and muted hues are soft on the eyes, and the perfect elements to help make a bedroom feel cosy… so, we understand why you’re here, to get some inspiration and ideas for a cosy and stylish Scandi bedroom. Ready to get started? Read on below.

1. Keep your colour palette simple

Scandi design is well-known for being quite minimalist and restrained when it comes to colour, so you see a lot of whites, soft greys and light balsam blonde wood. Colour is celebrated, but only in very small amounts, and often more muted than not. This is all to maximise light, which is a hot commodity in Nordic countries where for a large part of the year the weather is cold and wintery. 

Whites and other light colours, therefore, become really important for creating an airy, light and flowy vibe. So when it comes to colours for your Scandinavian bedroom, avoid the use of loud tones and dark coloured accents in excess. The key is to keep it simple. 


“I want a Scandinavian bedroom, but what if I don’t really like plain white walls?” we hear you say…

Well, there are a few options here. Believe it or not, you’re able to forego a classic white bedroom wall and still pull off the Scandinavian theme. If white just isn’t your cup of tea, then go for an off-white, cream, light grey or very light pastel teal instead. 

If you’re still not convinced, consider a lovely wallpaper, leaning more towards muted tones and patterns that are inspired by nature. And if wallpaper isn’t your bag, then have a think about wall-panelling, which brings a bit of character to a room and is reminiscent of Swedish lake houses.

2. Layer soft furnishings

Those beautiful Swedes are so good at layering blankets, throws and bedding in a way that immediately makes you want to kick back with a book or have a little nap. Scandinavian interior design is well-known for incorporating lots of soft furnishings in a variety of natural textures. For a bedroom, that means beautiful linen sheets, cushions and quilt covers, textured throws and blankets, sheer curtains that let in soft muted light by day, and rugs made of wool, seagrass or rattan. The one key thing to remember is that the tones of these furnishings usually follow the same muted hues. 

Quick tip: Wondering what Scandivian bedroom furniture you should be buying? Think low to ground beds, drawers and side tables with slim Danish legs and anything in light wood tones.

3. Clever use of contrast

While we have harped on and on about using light muted tones, there’s one key ingredient that really nails it, and that’s the use of contrast for really modern Scandinavian bedroom design. Without it, a space can quickly look overly feminine, so it’s key to try out high-contrast elements. You would’ve seen this play out a million times in your Instagram feed and on Pinterest, and there’s a good reason for that, it’s because it’s striking and it works. 

Generally, while floors, walls and soft furnishings are light, a dark accent like a black industrial floor lamp, a black vase, black woven baskets, black frames around art or a black dining table will act as dramatic and unexpected focal points in the home. 


If you’re looking for contrasting Scandinavian furniture for the bedroom, you can easily create contrast with a black statement wood chair or a black desk. For contrasting Scandi bedroom decor, consider a black floor lamp or a coveted Moroccan Beni Ourain rug. In some spaces this is done in a very subtle manner, where Scandinavian room decor might be a vase with simple dark dried stems or dark branches for a beautiful effect.

If black isn’t your thing, then try brass, gold or copper accents which match beautifully with dark emerald greens and navy blues.

4. Art that celebrates nature

Scandi interiors aim to invite a sense of calm and bliss into our homes, so the art you find in this style of home celebrates the natural world. Whether the art you choose for your Scandi bedroom is an illustration or a beautiful muted photograph, it should induce a feeling of comfort and serenity.

While art in Scandinavian style bedrooms tends to be muted like the majority of the room and its contents, it makes a statement by following a rule of multiples. This is translated through multiple prints by the same artist and from the same series, or photographs that are very similar and hung side by side.

5. It’s ok to be a little eclectic

A lot of people get minimalist and Scandinavian interiors confused; they aren’t the same, but they are similar in many ways. While both styles tend to be quite modern, a key differentiator is that Scandi interiors will often show a pop of disparity with a mix of periods and styles in a space to make it feel really lived in and cosy.

An example of this might be a huge gold-gilded ornate floor mirror in a bedroom, ornate frames around paintings, a Berber rug for a boho Scandinavian bedroom or even a shabby-chic style bookcase or chest of old metal drawers for an industrial Scandinavian bedroom style. While the majority of the space is in similar tones and style, you will often see an outlier that gives a bit of a pop.  

Are you ready to make your bedroom a beautiful spot to find some respite? Just remember that when you try to implement Scandi design, you need to exercise a lot of discipline and restraint – and clutter is an absolute no-no, especially if you’re after a more minimalist Scandinavian bedroom. 

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