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Mid-century described the design movement which emerged in the 40’s. This classic, understated look, with clean lines and minimal fuss, reigned supreme until the advances in technology and pre-fabrication of the 60’s saw its slow demise. However, we’ve witnessed a serious revival these past few years.

Juxtaposition of clean lines with organic shapes, a perfect mix of materials and a distinctive colour palette, the timeless quality, authenticity and the inherent elegance of the mid-century modern style has us all hooked.

Now, time to get inspired and see how you could infuse some mid-century modern vibes into your home!


Dark leather

Exploring new possibilities, mid-century design is famous for mixing natural materials with man-made ones. From the iconic Eames Lounge Chair made of plywood and leather to a classic brown leather sofa, there are plenty of options out there to play around with mid-century modern furniture.

Exposed Wood

Exposed wood is another key characteristic of the mid-century modern style. From flooring and walls to furniture, it is one of the easiest ways to bring warmth and a feeling of nature into your room.

Pops of colour

From the kitschy bright colours of the 50’s to the sophisticated and earthy colours of the 60’s, some colours can’t help but bring us back to mid-century modern era. Nowadays, you can inject some of these distinctive mid-century pops of colour into your interior through textiles, accessories and wall paints.


Because open floor plans were central to mid-century architectures, lighting needed to be excellent. As a result, lighting is a key decor element of mid-century design. From the iconic Sputnik to the sphere pendant, there is a stylish option out there for every room in your home.


Greenery completes the earthy tones of a mid-century interior perfectly. Wether it be a dragon tree, fiddle leaf, monstera, rubber tree or snake plant, opt for a combination of plants carefully chosen to add some interest to the design elements while making the interior look well-integrated and balanced.

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