9 Home Decor You Should Invest in This Winter

9 Home Decor You Should Invest in This Winter

New season, new look! Milray Park Designer Shay Conway shares 9 home decor worth investing in this winter.

#1 A touch of art deco

Art Deco is back…and in a big way! This unforgettable movement began in the 1920s and brought us stunning interiors with curvy shapes, gold accents and plush velvet textures that screamed luxury. Fast forward to 2019 where we’ve been seeing a massive Art Deco revival but, with a modern twist. So get on board and add a touch of art deco to your interior with plush pieces like the Blake Velvet Bar Stool from Zanui.

#2 Greenery & Terracotta

Indoor gardens have become extremely popular – especially among renters. Bringing greenery inside is a great way to make a space appear brighter while creating a peaceful & calming environment. The best part: selecting pots & planters to display your never ending plants collection. There is a lot of choice out there but this season I am loving the Pure Terracotta Planters from West Elm.

#3 Natural bedding

With the rise of an increased environmental consciousness, thoughtful shoppers are choosing natural over synthetic when it comes to finishes in the home. Pure linen, in particular, has become a popular choice for its durability and lower impact on the environment. Linen is also fantastic for layering to create a warm and cosy feel! This trend will definitely be sticking around for the cooler months so it might be time to invest in the stunning 100% linen duvet set from Bed Store & We Are Tribe latest collaboration.

#4 Clash & Match Accessories

Colour, shape, pattern or texture? Why not have them all! We’re seeing a more carefree approach to design this year and a desire to create interiors full of colour and life. The Corded Geo Block Pillow Covers and their contrasting geometric pattern will bring subtle colour and rich texture to any room.

#5 Moody, Earthy Tones

This Autumn/Winter we’ll be seeing a lot of warmer tones in interiors – think oranges, browns & mustards. These colours have the ability to create a warm and luxurious feel in any room and the beautiful Velvet Bedhead from Brosa is no exception.

#6 Terrazzo

We’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere lately and we love it. Terrazzo brings texture, colour & pattern to a room and it isn’t limited to surfaces anymore. The Terrazzo Tray from Life Interiors will serve as a stylish storage solution for your jewellery or keys in the hallway.

Corded Geo Block Cushion Covers | West Elm
Corded Geo Block Cushion Covers | West Elm
Terrazzo Dimple Tray | Life Interiors
Megan Wide King Size Bed Head | Brosa
Megan Wide King Size Bed Head | Brosa

#7 Gold Accents

Move over rose gold! Yellow gold will be making its way back into the foreground of interior design this year. Gold is an integral part of the Art Deco style and works well paired with most of those moody tones we’ll be seeing a lot of this Autumn/Winter. The Eris Table Lamp from Matt Blatt is a great starting point to introduce some gold accents into your interior.

#8 Home Grown

As the Australiana trend flourishes, we’re seeing more homeowners buying Australian-made furniture. And when you see the Half Hurdle Chair designed by Dowel Jones, a young design studio operating out of Melbourne, you understand why! Dowel Jones worked with some of Melbourne’s best metal fabricators to create a cost-effective classic chair. And we for one are very grateful.

#9 Textile Frenzy

Textile wall hangings are in. More and more, unique handmade pieces jump into the limelight, so now might be the time to invest in a one of a kind piece of artwork for your home like the Great Barrier Reef Inspired Woven Wall Hanging.

Half Hurdle Chair | Dowel Jones
Half Hurdle Chair | Dowel Jones
Eris Table Lamp | Matt Blatt
Great Barrier Reef Inspired Woven Wall Hanging | Obliqua Designs
Great Barrier Reef Inspired Woven Wall Hanging | Obliqua Designs

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