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Clients: Erin & Bryson

Where: A one-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s Marrickville

Designer: Gold Designer Laura Downie of Studio 1 Interiors

Sydneysider couple Erin and Bryson waited eagerly for the most part of a year for their off-the-plan apartment to become ready for habitation. After two deadline push backs, their prayers were finally answered in August when they were given the keys to their new apartment, moving in with a tonne of boxes and their cat-child ‘Mia’.

With the boxes all unpacked, the couple felt the space was missing something and just didn’t quite feel like the cosy home they’d long dreamt about, yet. Enter Gold Designer, Laura Downie of Studio 1 Interiors, (Scot living in Australia / loves Messina ice cream / can be found relaxing by Bronte Rockpool or sipping coffee at Henry Lee’s in Redfern). Laura, the interiors miracle worker, helped the couple completely transform their living room into a space they now find very hard to ever leave.

“Laura’s online profile and portfolio stood out. We loved her style – simple, fresh, and timeless.”

After a few chats on the platform, getting a better idea of what the couple liked and disliked, it quickly became apparent that their style was “modern, Scandi with a hint of boho, something timeless but with character”.

The couple were curious and excited about working online with a Milray Park designer on the platform, “We really liked the ability to check the progress on the run, send photos and images of the space.”

“It was awesome to see the old stuff work together with the new to make our space beautiful! We set up (and painted!) it all ourselves but we definitely wouldn’t have been brave enough without the game plan on Milray Park from Laura! We love our place!”

“The whole experience was awesome! We loved being involved in every step and being able to see visually how it would look like before committing to a final layout. Each update was so exciting to receive on the eDecorating platform. We felt really special.”

Design Tips

Simple things in this newly designed living room are what make all the difference. We’ve included a shopping list below just in case you liked the look of anything / everything!

1. Hang artwork so that the center of the piece is at eye level (roughly 152cm from the ground).

2. Use the properties of a rug to create contrast in your space. A rug with flecks of colour can tie together all of the different colours in your room, bringing to look ‘together’. Borders on a rug help define and ground the space. Place the rug under the front two legs of your sofa.

3. Instantly change up your room with your mood or the seasons by installing a little shelfie. Layering art and trinkets never looked so good or so easy!

4. Add a bit of texture by throwing a sheepskin with some throw cushions on your couch. Get creative and experiment until you find the right combination. Textures please the eye and the touch, and instantly sets an inviting and cosy mood!

5. Turn space oddities into features. Here, an awkward supporting beam was embraced as the perfect place to hang artwork and the whole wall turned into a softening grey feature.

Milray Park gives all Australians access to affordable interior design online for one simple flat-fee $299 price. 

Learn How it works and Get started on your design project!

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