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Milray Park Designer Agnes Sweijer transformed a blank canvas into the cosiest family home, in country town Orange.

Client: Leonie
Designer: Milray Park Designer Agnes Sweijer
Where: Orange, NSW
Purpose: Residential + Airbnb during the holidays
Budget: $10,000

#1 Leonie’s brief: create a cosy, warm and inviting family home 

It’s already stressful enough to move into a new property, let alone when it’s a blank canvas; you have no time whatsoever to shop around for furniture – you don’t even know what you’re looking for! Welcome in Leonie’s dilemma for the next few weeks before her settlement date.

In the past, Leonie had already hired a traditional interior designer. She loved the experience but she found the process expensive, slow and most of alls time-consuming. Willing to try something new, she reached out to Agnes Sweijer on Milray Park eDecorating platform to transform her newly purchased house into a cosy, warm and inviting family home, all online.

Like most of us, I am pretty time poor and I am constantly looking for ways to create more time. Milray Park offered me that solution by providing a platform that was easy and best of all, was able to fit into my schedule. Making decisions on what furniture to buy, how to style and what colour scheme was going to fit my budget is well outside of my skill set. To have a customised service created for my needs and style and that saved me time, was the perfect solution.   

Leonie wanted to create a space with a cosy and comfortable feel where she could kick back with the family, enjoy a glass of wine with friends or host some dinner parties while still being easy to clean for when the property was leased on Airbnb.

#2 Agnes’ design for Leonie: 

Leonie and her family live in beautiful Orange – an area known for its wine, its excellent food and its Autumn colours. I have tried to transcribe these in my design by opting for a green colour scheme with layers of natural textures. I have added some warmth with textiles such as cushions, throws and hide and a  few different lighting options have helped create that cosy and homely feeling! Milray Park Designer Agnes Sweijer

  • Leonie’s Living Room

  • Leonie’s Dining Room

#3 Leonie’s Feedback: “Get on this!! You will love it!”

I was nervous about the process and what to expect but the Milray Park eDecorating platform was so intuitive and my interior designer Agnes really put me at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and was a little sad when it all came to an end.

Having Agnes provide a range of options that would suit my style and budget saved me an enormous amount of time looking online and in shops for the perfect piece.

The money I have saved by not making bad choices in furnishings has easily covered the cost of the $299 design fee. I also loved that Milray Park arranged all the deliveries which was one less time consuming job for me to worry about.

My top tips for someone who would like to give Milray Park a try would be :

  • Have plenty of photos of the room and pieces you want to keep.
  • Have fun and be adventurous with your style.
  • Make sure you explain how you are intending to use the space. We Airbnb our home in holiday periods so it was important for furnishing to be easy to clean and robust but also comfortable and relaxing for our family.

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