Best Tips to Achieve an Industrial Style at Home - Milray Park: Affordable Online Interior Design Service For $299 / room

Milray Park: Affordable Online Interior Design Service For $299 / room


Taking inspiration from warehouses and factories, this style combines the best of old-world industrial charm with modern sleekness, and an organic, lived-in feel to create the perfect play of contrast.

The key design principles of the Industrial style

#1 A neutral colour palette

The clean industrial look is the result of a combination of neutral shades. To keep the space warm and inviting, incorporate a variety of browns and tans as your dominant colours, with other neutrals serving as accents. Compliment this use of colour with furniture or decor pieces made of natural and hardworking materials that focus on textures such as wood, stone, leather and metal.

#2 An open layout 

Think urban loft space, even if your square meters are limited. Focus on making the room feel as open as possible by incorporating plenty of negative space, keeping pathways as wide as you can, and limit the furniture & decor elements to the strict minimum. 

Rugs and partitions will help divide your open layout into zones. The beauty and charm of this style focus on the beauty of function over decoration, so make sure the space and the pieces in it have purpose.

#3 An industrial touch 

Add this converted warehouse feel to your space with plenty of accessories like Edison bulbs, a distressed leather couch, or vintage photographs. Things are not to appear new. The best items look worn, and as if they have already lived a first life.

Feature some of your favourite collected pieces like shells, vases, and sculptures. Dress your walls with big mirrors reflecting natural daylight and nature-inspired artwork like a coral illustration or printed leaves… Don’t feel restrained, coastal style is flexible allowing you to go off the beaten track.

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