Minimalist Interior Design: Best Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Look at Home

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Less is more, definitely easier said that done! Yet, we all feel the urge to simplify our life, starting at home. But no matter how many episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo were watched, transforming a cluttered room into a minimalist heaven is rarely a smooth operation.

That’s the trick, it looks easy! But really, it isn’t. A minimalist interior is the result of a carefully though and intended process where each piece of furniture and home decor has been meticulously chosen to compliment one another creating a serene and simply beautiful space.

To help you get there, we’ve compiled the best tips so you can easily achieve a minimalist look at home too!

Select the right colour palette

White, neutrals and pale shades of colours are generally the way to go when it comes to selecting a colour palette for a minimalist look.

To add interest to the room, layer these colours in different textures and shades. It will also help inject some warmth into a rather blank and cold space. Layering whites with creams and adding some natural wood for a soothing touch can create a clean yet cosy background for your minimalist look.

Avoid Excess Clutter

Clutter and minimalism cannot coexist. So if you’d like to inject some minimalist vibes into your home, time has come to declutter!

Start by making a list of the items you have in your space and then ask yourself if you really need them. Do they work against or with your design direction? As a rule of thumb, anything that you find yourself rearranging or fixing as it never sits ‘quite right’ is something you probably don’t need. It’s also best to avoid styling your surfaces with too many photo frames, coffee table books or décor pieces. A minimalist embraces empty surfaces.

Don’t overcrowd on furniture

It’s important not to over-complicate your space with too many pieces of furniture as minimalism needs space to breathe.

To keep it easy, pick your hero piece and style around it. For example, if your hero piece is a big lounge with lots of volume, balance this with a slimline occasional chair that allows light to pass through it. None of your pieces should be fighting for visual attention. Instead, they should feel as if they are all a part of a larger narrative in achieving your design scheme.

Add your personal touch

When people think ‘minimal’ they often think of empty white rooms when really there are plenty of ways to achieve a minimalist look, all while making it your own.

No matter which design aesthetics you are trying to achieve, it’s important to always base your space around your favourite piece in the room. It could be an artwork, a coffee table or a rug you already own. By pulling out with restraint design elements such as colour, material or form from this item you’ll create a space that is refined and minimal, but personal to you.

Take your time

The most beautiful spaces are ones that are curated, and often curation takes time. Minimalism is something rarely achieved in an afternoon. However, it’s important to have a plan and a clear design direction. If you live in a cluttered or already furnished space, it can take time to pull back the elements until you’ve reached your minimalist dreams.

Overall embrace light, form and materiality to create a space that is perfect for your needs. And don’t forget that any step towards a more minimal space is a step towards a little bit more serenity, tranquillity and calm at home.

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