Creating the Perfect Shared Kids Bedroom

5 easy tips
Creating the Perfect Shared Kids Bedroom

Getting the most out of a small space can certainly be challenging, especially when you’re trying to fit two kids into a room together and hope that they don’t kill each other in the process. You’ve got to find the right balance between having functional furniture in the room while keeping clutter out of the space, keeping the room fun for your kids but still tastefully designed, while also keeping choking/falling/injury hazards out of the room. Simple right?
Never fear because we’re here to help!

Christina came to us on our free online Design Bar for some help to redecorate her two girls’ bedroom and give them their own space in their small room. You can see below her question and the advice we gave her as well as the moodboard we put together and a shopping list so that you can also get the look!

Hello! My two girls are sharing a room and I would love some help in separating the room somehow with accessories and layout to show each girls individual space. Madison is 3.5 years old, Macie is 18 months old and the room is very small. Thanks!
– Christina from Made for Madison

Hi Christina,

We are so happy to be able to help you design your girls’ room! We’ve put together a few tips to make the space fun and inviting for both Macie and Madison, as well as a moodboard for inspiration and reference!

1. White walls for small spaces

Giving both of your girls their own personal space and identity is quite simple with cute some accessories and a fresh coat of paint!

Since there are two in the room we recommend painting the walls white which will brighten up the space and make it seem as big as possible.

2. Add fun with wall stickers

Wall stickers are a great way to add fun and personalise the space and the best thing is they aren’t permanent so as your girls grow up you can change them around and easily develop the room!

3. Personalise

Personalising the space for both of your girls is easily done with names above their beds. In this example we’ve used name decal (stickers) but you could also craft individual letter or a full raised wooden block. Depending on their personalities, these don’t have to be the same. Just keep one element the same; either the font, the colour, or the way you’ve mounted them.

4. Decorate and store with ‘shelfies’

Another great way to give Madison and Macie their own space is by giving them a shelf above their bed for their favourite books, toys or anything else they would like to display.

5. Demarcate space with rugs

Placing two rugs in the space will also give each girl their own sense of space. If you place it slightly underneath the bed it will delineate the two girls spaces as separate individual spaces.

6. Mirrored cupboard doors

A tip we have for this space that could make the space seem larger, if it’s in your budget, is change the cupboard doors to mirrored doors. This will extend the space as well as brighten it.

We hope this design advice is helpful!

Milray Park Design Team

Madison's Corner
Madison's Corner
Made For Madison reviews
Made For Madison reviews
Macie's Corner
Macie's Corner

Shopping list

Gold Spots Wall Stickers from $14 – Adairs, Sheepskin from $79 – IKEA, Wall Print from $6 – Jane, Zara Soft Toys  from $20 – Zara, Name Decals from $15 – Esty, Clamp Lamp  from $25 – Temple and Webster, Icecream Wall Decal from $47 – Etsy, Rainbow Round Rug  from $100 – Zanui, Pink Flamingo Neon Lamp  from $90 – Sunny Life, Happy Sun Print from $15 – Etsy, White Stool from $12 – Kmart

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If you’re not sure how to make the most of the small room for your kids, or have any other design question we’re always here to answer your questions at our free online Design Bar!

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