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Remote working is on the rise with more and more companies offering flexible work arrangements. This new work organisation calls for a dedicated home workspace that promotes concentration, is comfortable, relaxing, inspires productivity and improves workflow.

A healthy workspace at home, whether it be a dedicated home office, study nook or study area thrives off good energy, is organised and will inspire creativity. 

Here is Milray Park Designer Alexandra Hackett’s guide to creating a winning workplace that will cater to everyone working from home.

#1 Pick the best location in your home

When designing your home office, there are a few design elements to consider: location, natural light sources, acoustics, ventilation, privacy, and technology. It’s also important to think about the time you will be spending in this space and the kind of work you will be doing.  Which area in your home will give you the privacy you require and allow you to focus on the work you need to accomplish? What space will have minimal distractions, avoiding the temptation to engage in conversation with family members, play with pets, watch Netflix or take a nap?

Once you’ve chosen the best space in your home for your home office, you can organise your interior to create the best working conditions.

#2 Invest in the home office essentials

It’s important to design your workspace with you in mind! You want to opt for equipment and accessories that support ergonomic comfort and sustain your productivity throughout the day.

Task lighting

Invest in innovative task light solutions that are designed with aesthetic, sustainability and innovative performance in mind. An innovative task light will reduce eye strain, improve computer-based reading comfort, reduce energy use and costs. 

Monitor arms

Monitor arms are great for single or dual computer screens, free up space on your desk and promote good posture. 

Ergonomic chair

A good chair is crucial. Look for a chair that encourages movement, is simple to use, has an adjustable seat height, good back support and enough width for comfort. 

Task desk

The height, size and storage opportunities of your desk will also be an important consideration Your desk should allow you to work comfortably, clutter-free and promote health. The revolution of sit to stand workstations are great solutions that promotes agile working at home. 

When deciding on what solution is right for you, keep in mind when seated upright at your desks your forearms should be in a horizontal position.

Sufficient power and data points are equally important to support your devices. There is nothing worse than seeing a pile of cables. Opt for cable management baskets or trays to conceal these items.

Finally, I always recommend my clients to arrange their furniture to optimise views, connect to the outdoors and take advantage of natural light as this will ultimately transform their experience throughout the day. 

#3 Best tips to decorate your home office

When it comes to decorating and styling your home office, think about material finishes such as colour, texture, indoor plants, décor and candles that will inject personality in the space. The interior can complement the rest of the decor in your home, or it may be an opportunity to go for a different scheme that will help create a sense of retreat transitioning you from home to work mode. 

How to pick the perfect colour scheme?

Choose colours and finishes that match the surrounding, particularly any joinery. You can also pick out colours from furniture, floor rugs or decor for wall colours finishes. 

When going through the selection process you must consider how you would like to ultimately feel in the space. Bright colours or busy patterns may be distracting, and a sterile colour scheme may be non-motivating. It’s important to strike a harmonious balance, so you create good energy and avoid feelings of unhappiness. 

As someone who regularly works from home, practicality, organisation and a functional workspace is high priority to support my work. I like to have a balance of functional and decorative pieces. In my home office, I have a pinnable wall, where I pin magazine cut outs, drawings or sketches that help me visualise the creative direction on a project. It’s a great way to introduce colour and decorate. Instead of a pinnable wall, you may like to be adventurous with chalkboard paint or magnetic wallpaper. Milray Park Designer Alexandra Hackett

Which storage solutions are best for your home office?

Storage is essential for organisation. Custom joinery is the ultimate solution so you can customise the design to suit your workspace. It’s a great way to hide the less attractive items, storing equipment such as printers, cables, iPads, stationary etc. It’s also a great way to design around the tricky area in your room. If custom joinery isn’t a viable option, invest in storage solutions that have a mix of open shelves, drawers and/or cupboards. 

“On my freestanding storage unit, I have a mix of woven baskets where I have organised all of my samples and materials. I have also book stacks with the book spin on display. Finally, indoor plants and decorative items on trays, and textured boxes of different sizes and shapes to store items I don’t want on display. Mixing things up creates visual interest in the room.” Milray Park Designer Alexandra Hackett

Other ways we can personalise the workspace and make it our own is through artwork and/or photos, floor rugs, ottomans, cushions, and armchairs to add warmth and coziness. 

The greatest thing about the home office vs. the workplace is that you can make it your own to create the ultimate comfortable dedicated workspace.

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