5 Reasons Why Everyone’s Turning to eDecorating!

5 Reasons Why Everyone’s Turning to eDecorating!

E-Decorating is taking over the world. Thoroughly entrenched in the US, the UK, Asia and now Australian shores with yours truly Milray Park, it now seems as thought all corners of the earth have embraced the opportunity to collaborate with an designer online to decorate their homes.

Uber for interior design, Milray Park is the Go-To interior design service in Australia for the busy, the savvy and the frustrated homemaker, helping to transform a house into a home 100% online (eliminating even the need to leave the house). Hooray to saying goodbye to Saturday’s spent at the Home Centre!

So, because all your friends will be talking about it this Summer, we’ve rounded up the top five reasons why working with an interior designer online will change your home (and your life). Grab a cuppa, take a seat and, prepare to be swept off your feet.

by Milray Park Designer Julianne Bull
by Milray Park Designer Julianne Bull
by Milray Park Designer Amazema Interiors
by Milray Park Designer Laura Downie
by Milray Park Designer Laura Downie

#1 It’s Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Milray Park doesn’t do restrictions. No matter who you are, or what you do, you can hire a personalised interior designer that works with you to introduce creative designs into your home. Think the best in décor, and design available to any person, anywhere, anytime.  

It’s as simple as selecting your own personal interior designer (aka BFF) through the Milray Park eDecorating platform, and receiving professional guidance that helps to unleash the potential of any space. Milray Park’s interior designers will help to transform your creative ideas into an even better reality, and all at the click of a button.

#2 Design On Demand

Milray Park brings interior design to your fingertips. Literally.
You can transform any room located in your home at the click of a button, while getting the best advice from the best in the biz.

Whether you’re a first timer, or a professional, the platform is ready and waiting for you to jump on board, and dive on in. You get the best interior design advice when you want it, saving the time it takes to transform the perfect space, and completely avoiding the stress that comes with it.

It’s as simple as ordering an Uber, and even more reliable.

#3 It’s As Easy As ABC

Three words; Extremely. User. Friendly.

Everything is in the one place, so there’s no need to search through an inbox of emails, save different contacts, or negotiate with different stockists.  What’s more is that all interaction with your chosen designer is 100% online through the e-decorating platform.

Concept boards, project ideas, messages (you name it), are sent via the platform so that you can view and respond to them where, and when, it suits you. All you need to do now is grab your Prosecco and click (and sip) away!

by Milray Park Designer Perie Mooney
by Milray Park Designer Perie Mooney
by Milray Park Designer Allie Wilson
by Milray Park Designer Allie Wilson

#4 The Best In Interior Design At A Fraction Of The Cost

You’ll save money! (Yep, you read that correctly).

No style is out of reach, with Milray Park’s flat-fee package of $299 + concierge service giving every client the opportunity to save money on their Shopping List.

What’s more is that the savings from your shopping list covers the cost of your design package, making your home as easy on the eye as it is on the hip pocket.

#5 More Than Just An E-Decorating Service

After you’ve re-designed your entire abode without walking out the door, you can view your final shopping list, and order everything you LOVE with one simple tap.

The Milray Park Concierge take care of any post-design related assistance you may need, from providing extra design help, to sourcing replacement items and finding additional decor pieces. This means you can transform your whole home without having to tie up any loose ends.

E-decorating is providing the world with an opportunity to unleash their inner interior designer.

There’s absolutely no limit to what can be achieved, or created.

Milray Park gives all Australians access to affordable interior design online for one simple flat-fee $299 price. See How It Works and Book a Milray Park Designer.

Happy Decorating!

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