How to Become an Airbnb Plus Host

How to Become an Airbnb Plus Host

Looking to become an Airbnb Plus host? It’s easier than you might think! In February 2018, Airbnb launched a new tier of listing on its platform for a particular kind of traveller who expects a certain level of quality, comfort and amenities.

It’s still the hyper-local experience that Airbnb is well-known for, but with more of a hotel-like twist. This tier of listings is known as Airbnb Plus.

#1 What is an Airbnb Plus home?

There’s always been a bit of a difference between staying in an Airbnb versus staying in a hotel. Put your hands up if you’ve waited past your agreed check-in time out the front of your Airbnb waiting for your host? When you’re tired after a flight and with your luggage in-tow, it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience.

Hands up if you’ve been in a foreign country without roaming on your phone and your Airbnb has unreliable WIFI? And hands up if your Airbnb just really wasn’t what you expected? A lot of Airbnb users have experienced these pains, and while you can argue that it adds a certain charm to an adventure, these kinds of problems can also just be a bit of a pain.

In an attempt to appeal to a traveller who just really wants a no-nonsense and straight-forward experience and to prevent users from abandoning the Airbnb platform, Airbnb Plus was born.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting travellers in an entire home or a private room, an Airbnb Plus property can be defined as either of those listing types. But the biggest difference between your average Airbnb listing and an Airbnb Plus listing is that travellers know that this type of property has passed through a thorough 100-point checklist.

This means that travellers can expect a level of quality that makes the big things like check-in a seamless experience and a space that is spick and span to be a given. It also means the smaller things are taken care of, like access to a hairdryer, a spatula in the kitchen, at least eight clothes hangers… and even a property that has a neutral smell.

Each and every point on the Airbnb Plus checklist is verified in person by an Airbnb partner during a property inspection before your property can be photographed and added to the Airbnb Plus tier.

If your property lives up to the standard, then Airbnb Plus for hosts definitely puts you at an advantage. Not just because travellers know you’re a safe bet, but also because Airbnb has a filter that preferences Airbnb Plus properties to appear first in any search in applicable cities.

Airbnb Plus: Chic Townhouse | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Chic Townhouse | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Cosy Studio | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Cosy Studio | Image Airbnb

Take your space to Airbnb Plus levels of wow – hire an interior designer starting from $299 p/room

#2 Airbnb plus requirements – how do I get my home to qualify?

To give your property the Airbnb host plus stamp of approval, you first need to make sure that you give travellers exceptional hospitality – on Airbnb, this means you’re known as a ‘Superhost.’ Simply you need to have:

  • An average 4.8 star rating over the past year
  • No cancelled reservations in the past year, unless it was due to extenuating circumstances

In addition to that, according to Airbnb, any space that’s admitted to the Plus tier needs to be:

  • Thoughtfully designed, with well-crafted furniture in a way that shows your unique style and personality – including the addition of memorable details
  • Well-equipped with amenities like WIFI, coffee, quality bedding and linen
  • Well-maintained, clean and clutter-free.
Airbnb Plus: Apartment with a view | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Apartment with a view | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Converted Warehouse | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Converted Warehouse | Image Airbnb

#3 Airbnb interior design – how do I become an Airbnb success?

One of the biggest requirements for Airbnb Plus listings is that the space is ‘thoughtfully designed.’ But what does that actually mean?

One of the key things to remember is that when a traveller is booking a space on Airbnb, a lot of the time they’re looking for something different from the norm. You can certainly argue that if they wanted to stay in a space exactly like their own, then perhaps they’d just stay at home. So it’s important to tell your home’s unique story and craft a beautiful and memorable experience. If you can do this, there’s no doubt that you’ll have an endless stream of travellers vying to stay in your property.

In Airbnb Plus terms, that means having:

  • A style, theme or colour that works together to make your space cohesive
  • A space that has some character – it needs to be able to inspire the people who stay in it
  • A space that isn’t too sparse or too cramped – everything visible should be a design detail or useful to your guests
  • A layout that is cosy and inviting – meaning it must be functional and well-considered
  • Quality furniture and decor

There’s no random assortment of flat-pack furniture and mismatched decor here. No, no… Everything (and we mean everything) inside an Airbnb Plus space needs to look good, feel good and make a lot of sense.

Phew! No easy feat for the average Airbnb host, but if you want to be successful, it’s also not as hard as you may think. If you don’t consider yourself an interior design maven, don’t worry, not all is lost. Why not outsource the thinking and have an interior designer look after this aspect for you? It’s way more affordable than you think.

Milray Park makes interior design accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether your Airbnb is in a rural town with a population of 50 or in a big, bustling metropolis, you can book an interior designer via our clever platform. And from just $299 p/room, you can have your own dedicated interior designer expert to help you turn your space into a raging Airbnb Plus success.

If you were also looking to buy new furniture and decor you can even get access to some exclusive discounts. It’s called Shop with Milray Park, where you can save on a variety of iconic interior design brands.

If you’re keen to hit Airbnb Plus status, collaborate with an interior designer on Milray Park. It’s worth the investment, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

For more information on what it takes to become an Airbnb Plus host, check out  Airbnb’s help centre.

Airbnb Plus: Comfy Courtyard | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Comfy Courtyard | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Urban Jungle | Image Airbnb
Airbnb Plus: Urban Jungle | Image Airbnb

Milray Park gives all Australians access to personalised interior design services for one simple $299 flat-fee price.

Learn How it works and Get started on your design project.

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