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Greenery has taken our interiors by storm! Whether you’re trawling your Instafeed, sipping coffee at your favourite cafe or under the snips at that new hair salon around the corner, they are everywhere. And we’re happy to inform you that this trend is here to stay. 

Indoor plants are not only a super easy way to inject some life and colour into your home, they’re also great for your health –  helping create a feeling of well-being, improving air quality and lowering background-noise.  So now you don’t have any excuses not to jump onto the green wagon!

To help you get started, Milray Park Designer Rory Carter has shared his best tips on choosing the perfect houseplants for your home – from the must-have varieties to finishing touches and styling tips! Enjoy.

#1 What are your absolute favourite houseplants?

My favourite houseplants have to be cacti and succulents. They’re hardy, so they are the ultimate option for anyone without a lot of time to devote to watering and maintenance.

A few others I love are rubber plants for their rich colours, philodendrons for their large green leaves, and peace lilies for their purifying qualities and pretty white flowers.

#2 What are your best tips for decorating with plants?

If you’re looking to make an impact, group a few plants together in a cluster.

Choose plants with varying heights and shapes to create a lush focal point in a room. Mix up the shape and texture of the pots for a considered, layered look.

#3 Which plants would you recommend for first-time plant owners?

Through trial and error, I’ve come to understand what plants are best for my home and lifestyle.

Cacti and succulents are ideal for starters as they can thrive in almost any conditions. The wide range available makes it easy to pick something suitable no matter how small or large your home is.

Start with a bowl of smaller succulents on a coffee table or jump right in with a larger, more exotic variety.

#4 Do you have any tips for caring for houseplants?

I always read through the care instructions on the pot before buying a plant. It’s important to know whether your home has the right conditions for it to thrive before making a decision. By analysing things like sunlight and watering requirements, you’ll end up with healthier (and more attractive) plants.

There are also plenty of books up there to get advice from the pros!

#5 What are your favourite way to display plants?

I like to stick with a loose colour scheme but play with heights and textures of my pots.

This way, your plants tie in with your decor and work as a collection rather than as separate pieces. I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to display plants, whether it’s a concrete bowl or marble vase.

Plant stands are also a great way to vary the height of your plants without losing surface space.

Now it’s your turn to be creative! And if you need Milray Park Designers to help you create your very own urban jungle get started on your design project today!

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