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From selecting a colour scheme to adding playful, whimsical touches, find out the best decorating tips to design your little one’s space.

Filling your Pinterest board with kids bedroom ideas is one thing but designing and decorating your children room is another!

To help you get started, Milray Park Designer Kellie McCarthy‘s shares her best design tips to create a dreamy kid’s room.

#1 Add a splash, or more, of colour!

Children’s rooms are the perfect place to have fun with colour.  

However, if you don’t feel like painting all four walls an in a shocking shade, you can still play with colours through furniture selections, artwork, wallpaper or wall decals!  

#2 Introduce some texture

Texture can really bring a space alive! And a kid’s room is no exception.

Beautiful and carefully selected textured items will ultimately bring your room decor together while giving your room that cosy factor.

Some suggestions for adding texture – opt for a beautiful rug, mix & match some interesting cushions & throw and don’t forget to display some of your kid’s favourite soft toys.

#3 Provide some functional fun

Organising everything in a children’s room can sometimes be difficult, and often daunting.

The key is to ensure you have ample storage space. Ideally, a place to stow some things away like a closet or wardrobe and a place to display the most loved and played with toys and books.  

There are so many fun and smart storage solutions available these days, from floating bookshelves to gorgeous toy storage containers and units.

#4 Think like a child… add a playful, whimsical touch

The years go by so fast, so why not embrace this special time in your child’s life and create a truly playful and whimsical space for them to both relax and play in and of course remember when they get older.

Invest in a teepee or a canopy! And if you feel like being even more creative, you could also create a secret hideaway. What fun!

#5 Involve your little person

Lastly, and maybe the most important tip of all is to involve your little person in the process!

It will be their room after all and they will be the one spending the most of time in.

Opt for a colour scheme that includes some of their favourite colours, pick some decor items that remind them of what they love and don’t be afraid to display their vibrant artwork.

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