How To Pick The Right White Paint Colour For Your Room?

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Ask a designer which colour they would recommend you paint your walls and their answer is most likely to be white. The reason is quite simple! It’s a colour that never goes out of style and works with every scheme, concept or style. But with over 50 different shades of white available out there, picking the right one for your room can feel quite overwhelming.

To simplify your life, we’ve compiled the top 5 shades of white used by interior designers, including some expert tips on how to pick the one that’s right for you and your home!

#1 Vivid White by Dulux

Vivid White by Dulux is a staple when it comes to white.

As its name suggests, the best thing about this shade is how vivid it is! It’s a true white that bounces light without casting any cool or warm tones making it a designer’s favourite that performs regardless of the space.

Where to use Vivid White by Dulux? All over your home! Modern, contemporary, mid-century or even coastal, this effortless white is the perfect base whatever your home design is. You can achieve any look with this colour and it will complement any artwork or decor you also use in the space. 

#2 Highgate by Dulux

Highgate by Dulux isn’t a conventional white. But don’t let its stronger cool, blue undertone scare you away as it’s the perfect shade when it comes to set a mood!

Where to use Highgate by Dulux? This shade of white is perfect for second living rooms, ones, where you find yourself on rainy days, cosy up under a thick knitted throw. It also makes a great colour for your bathroom walls. Compliment it with rich blue tiles and include as much texture as you can handle and Highgate creates a soft, steamy dream. For a touch of coastal glam, think of adding gold hardware and white washed timbers. Highgate will pick up on the texture and the tone of the wood, the yellow of the timber balancing the blue of the paint. 

#3 Lexicon Quarter by Dulux

Lexicon Quarter by Dulux is another designers’ staple with its slightly cooler base making it a softer true white. On top of being super versatile, Lexicon Quarter is also a great choice when you want to add a touch of personality to your walls!

Where to use Lexicon Quarter by Dulux? Whether it’s an ultra-modern room or an industrial-chic loft, its subtle cool tone makes it easy to match with a wide variety of styles. And because it’s a very calming shade, Lexicon by Dulux is a great choice for bedrooms and nursery!

#4 Natural White by Dulux

Natural White by Dulux is an absolute CLASSIC!  This is designers’ go-to colour if you’re wanting a crisp white that’s still warm and welcoming.

Where to use Natural White by Dulux? This colour is perfect for sun-drenched living rooms and dining spaces made for entertaining as it performs the best during golden hours when the warmth of the sun spills into your space. Add in worn brass, creamy white fabrics and candlelight to create a dreamy contemporary space. And if you love colour, you’re in luck because so does Natural White! Pair this shade with your favourite Mid-Century pieces and bring on bright oranges, tans and greens!

#5 Whisper White by Dulux


Whisper White by Dulux is a lush, warm white that works beautifully with all kinds of colour schemes. With pink undertones, this off white colour has also some hints of grey.

Where to use Whisper White by Dulux? This white is perfect for bedrooms as it’s both soft and calm. As a true off white colour, it works perfectly with jewel-toned textures. Think garnet velvet, chunky knits and plush comforters. And if you’re keen to inject some boho vibes into your home, Whisper White provides the perfect canvas for you to add in all your rattan pieces and one of a kind textiles. Other neutral colours love Whisper White too, so hang your favourite abstract prints in a natural oak frame on top of this soft base.

When picking the right shade of white for your home, we always recommend painting a test patch to see how the colour reacts to the natural light in the room. Light is unique space to space and it’s important to test any colour before committing it to the entire room. 

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