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Client: Erin & Colin

What: 4br house, Little Bay

Designer: Gold Designer Ellie Bradley

With the arrival of baby numero duo, Erin and Colin started looking to upgrade their much loved, but too small two bedder in east Sydney. After months of looking on the Sydney property market, they finally settled on the perfect home for their family in peaceful Little Bay. 

Upsizing the family home

Thrilled with their new property purchase after a long search, the couple then turned to making the house their home. And while there was no doubt the extra rooms were needed to accommodate the growing family, filling out all that additional living space proved to be a little daunting with the new range of possibility.

I never thought of hiring an interior designer in the past because of budget constraints, and also because we spent a lot of time travelling, we’ve only just put roots down in the last few years. This was the first time we really had a big space, lots to play with, and kind of a blank canvas to start with. 

After hearing about eDecorating from a girlfriend, Erin sent her dreams for perfect home to the design gods for divine intervention. Read; Erin created a brief on the Milray Park platform and invited her favourite designer to her project. “I liked the Milray Park concept of having a beautifully professionally designed space without the huge price tag for a personal interior design I envisaged! And to being involved in the process.”

A match made in (design) heaven

Erin was drawn to the bright colours and industrial style of Milray Park designer Ellie Bradley’s portfolio. Coincidentally, both Erin and Ellie had spent time living as expats in Asia and bonded on the platform over their time abroad. It was in China that Erin conceived her lighting shop, Mercury Duck. Having pieces from her range, as well as art that she and Colin had collected along their journey was important to include in the family home.

“At first, I thought I would just get a design concept… but it was actually so much more than that! I got the chance to collaborate with an expert aka Ellie, who designed the perfect space for us!”

The brief

A functional space where the family can lounge and relax. A bit of Industrial aesthetic mixed with a bit of Scandi, with a fun vibe. But not precious (read: ‘kids and vegemite friendly’). A lot of greenery.

The client / designer collaboration

View my room in VR™

Once Erin had received her Final Design Moodboard she purchased the add-on Milray Park View my room in VR™ service, so she could fully visualise her space in 3D before making any purchasing decisions.

Can you spot the difference?

I’m quite visual, but my husband, is particularly not visual. So the idea of us being able to see what our space was going to look like before we bought all the items made real sense.

Accessing insider discounts

With the Milray Park Concierge™ who negotiated retail discounts on her behalf, Erin saved $1,500 on her Shopping List, more than covering the cost of her Milray Park eDecorating service.

The verdict

5 stars / 5 stars – I would definitely recommend Milray Park to anyone struggling to put their space together! The communication was excellent, the platform was easy to use and the vision I had in mind for my space turned out to be 100% better in real life!

Erin’s tips for first time eDecorating clients

  1. When it comes to choosing the designer(s) you would like to be working with, do your research. Check their portfolio and find a space they’ve created that really makes you excited because you want to feel that same way about your space.

  2. Create a Pinterest board of beautiful examples of what your like. It’s a lot easier to explain what you want with pictures than with words.

  3.  Finally, just give Milray Park a go, it’s much simpler and easier than you would expect!

Milray Park gives all Australians access to affordable interior design online for one simple flat-fee $299 price. See how it works and get started on your design project.


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