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As we move from the office to WFH aka Working From Home, we’ve designed three home office looks entirely shoppable online for under $1,500.

Central to all three looks is the desk. We love it and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too.

First, it has storage and you can never have too much of it! His two drawers are perfect for all the things that need to be tucked away, including your computer and notebook when the end of day hits. Packing away your work once you’re done is a great way to draw a clear line between home time and work time.

This desk is also super versatile and can be used in most rooms in your home! It doesn’t need to be pushed up against a wall, and can comfortably take center stage in your home office but will work equally as well in multi-use spaces where the only place for it is slotted in with your other pieces.

Lastly, its classic Mid-Century design details have been reinterpreted to create a desk that will elevate any space it’s within. And because Mid-Century Modern is the new Classic, it won’t date.

This hard-working, all-rounder desk is worth the investment.

Look #1 | The Creative’s 

This office is perfect for all those ideas that come best when leaning back in a chair looking up into space.

The tan leather chair is the ‘Casual Friday’ cousin of normal working desk chairs, stylish yet practical. With functional yet versatile storage baskets, you’ll be able to hide any paperwork you have laying around or any work bits you’ve brought home from the office. Natural fiber baskets are a great addition to any space as they provide the same storage function as your typical file cabinet, but much more stylish!

Finally, the ladder display is a great way to hang your magazines, newspapers, and photos to add your personal touch to the space.

This office space will be a great addition to your bedroom, lounge room or open living space to create a dedicated working space that feels apart of the greater scheme. 

Look #2 | Girl Boss – W.F.H Edition

This space is ideal for those who are a little bit glam, but know their trends.

We’ve used this season’s signature material, rattan, for the desk chair which brings a compartment design element to the space. To keep your surfaces clear, we’ve included plenty of storage in the form of a console table featuring gold hardware to add a touch of glam to the room. And because console tables are usually around the same height as desks, they can work great as an auxiliary working desk space. 

Lastly, to acoustically prepare your space for some serious WFH action, we’ve picked a super fluffy rug that will help to absorb echo and noise creating the perfect, and most stylish, space to hold all your Zoom meetings. 

Look 3| BYO Pooch Optional 

This low maintenance office space is the perfect set up for those after a functional space that suits your existing open plan living.

With open shelving to help clear your desk space, you can also use the shelves for picture frames of friends and family or trinkets you’ve collected over time. We’ve added a bit of personality with a ceramic dog, but by now our pets have gotten use to having us home all the time so your real life man’s best friend works too!

To finish up your space, we’d recommend adding some plants (real or fake) as studies show that being surrounded by greenery help reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Overall, your WFH space has to address YOUR needs. Before you get started, it’s important to identify your specific needs so you can opt for equipment and accessories that support ergonomic comfort and sustain your productivity throughout the day.

WFH can be challenging at first, but if you try to emulate your working day as much as possible you’ll set yourself up for success!

Still need some more help creating your perfect home office? 

Milray Park gives all Australians access to personalised interior design services for one simple $299 flat-fee priceLearn How it works and Get started on your design project!

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