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Wondering what’s in this season? Milray Park Designers share their favourite design trends for Spring 2019.

#1 Natural Materials

This Spring, the trend towards natural materials for interiors continues to grow with increasing use of timber, marble, concrete, linen, rattan and jute. To inject some personality and warmth to a space, it’s important to play with layers and texture and I can’t get enough of that!

Starting with a neutral palette, incorporate different materials and mix with coastal inspired pieces. You can also add pops of colour with on-trend hues of soft greens, blush or terra cotta. 

To finish off the look, include some indoor plants for life and colour!  – Milray Park Designer Amanda Smythe

#2 Recycled Leather

I am a huge fan of leather products but I’m also conscious of the environment. That’s why when I came across products made of recycled leather, I thought it was a brilliant idea!

Leather is a key material in interior design, even more so when styling a minimal and earthy space. So next time you’re on the hunt for a leather or leather looking pieces, make sure to check out the recycled leather options. You could score a great piece while doing your bit for the planet. Winner! – Milray Park Designer Kristen Sharkie

#3 Curved furniture 

Rounded shapes bring a feeling of relaxed warmth to a space; a softness that square edges and straight lines can’t achieve.

This season we’re carrying through the architectural influences of archways and round windows to furniture, artwork and décor with curves, arcs and lozenge shapes reflected in pieces such as sofas, rugs, artwork, mirrors, bedheads and accessories. I love it! – Milray Park Designer Georgia Carrington

#4 Florals Prints

This old classic is making a strong comeback this season. The good news it that there are plenty of options out there to incorporate this timeless trend into your home. One of my favorites would be through the use of wallpaper or a mural. 

Feminine and fun, this look works best in bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries or home offices. 

Pair it with blocks colours for simple styling or mix it with other prints to really make a statement. – Milray Park Designer Jessica Franklin

#5 Oversized artwork 

This season, be bold and think big! Extra-large framed artwork looks impressive hanging on walls or leaning against them. Don’t be afraid to fill an entire wall with one piece for a spectacular statement.

This Spring, contemporary florals invigorate with stunning style, colour and life, such as this magnificent piece ‘Bougainvillea’ from Antoinette Ferwerda. – Milray Park Designer Georgia Carrington

#6 Soft Greys

Grey is the new white and can be used in so many ways to add warmth and texture to a room. 

Soft greys on walls paired with textured rugs or carpets and soft linen curtains all add a fresh, dreamy feel. Layer up with whites, neutrals, pastels and timber for a fresh, timeless and on trend look. – Milray Park Designer Amanda Smythe

#7 Maroon 

Maroon is a firm favorite of mine for this season. Expect to see the use of this bold, romantic colour through textiles, furniture, and artwork. 

It packs a punch, and can make a bold statement in any space. It can work with many styles; contemporary, scandi, traditional, boho or even coastal. 

Pair it with warm mustards, pinks, navys or neutrals – whichever you choose it is sure to fill your space with interest and personality. –Milray Park Designer Jessica Franklin

#8 Terrazzo

This Spring again, Terrazzo remains on the scene! Although it has been around for centuries, not much has changed since it was last big in the 90’s.

Made from concrete with speckles of marble, quartz, granite or glass, this hardy material makes perfect tiles. However, if you like the idea of terrazzo but aren’t sure about committing to permanency, opt for a terrazzo pot plant or lamp. This can add depth, colour and a pop of interest into a space without going over the top. 

And if you feel like making a statement, an entire bathroom in a single monochromatic colour can look effortlessly amazing. – Milray Park Designer Kristen Sharkie

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