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After one of the hottest summer in records, autumn is slowly making itself known. Days are getting shorter, soon leaves will be turning yellow, the breeze getting that little bit chillier and you may now be starting to feel this irrepressible need to freshen up your interior for the cooler, cosier months.

Indeed, autumn is the perfect time of year to get your home ready for winter hibernation aka endless days spent cosying up on your comfy sofa near the fire, surrounded by a mountain of soft pillows.

And with the latest interior design trends for 2019, you’ve got all the reasons to be excited to get started on your next home makeover.

Rich tones, organic shapes, gold accents and natural materials, Milray Park Designer Natalie Lawrence tells you everything about this Autumn’s home decor trends. Natalie also shares her best interior design ideas as well as her favourite pieces of furniture and home decor to easily incorporate these trends into your home.

These are the latest autumn interior design trends for 2019.

#1 Sustainable & Natural Material – one of 2019 biggest home decor trends

The latest interiors trend is warm, earthy neutrals with a push towards more sustainable, natural, organic fabrics. People are becoming more and more eco-conscious and are wanting a calm, cosy retreat lifestyle away from the business of the modern day world. For the past few years, grey has dominated the neutral interior’s palette. But sandy shades are back, increasingly drawing us towards the warmer, friendlier tones of oatmeal and stonewashed linen.

How to incorporate this interior design trend into your interior?

Think fleshy toned, earthy jute, canvas, wool wood and hemp. Look for it in complementary decorative items such as cushions, throws, rugs as well as handmade and locally sourced furniture and textiles comprising eco-friendly fabrics.

Keywords that inspire this trend: peace – urban oasis – relaxation – clarity – high quality – curvy shapes – warmth – comfort

#2 Art Deco – on the top of the interior design trend list this autumn

Art Deco is one of the most inspiring and glamorous periods in design history and hints of it are beginning to pop up in the detailing of furnishings and lighting. The new Art Deco is a little more streamlined than the old Art Deco and will bring modern qualities with fresh and playful elements inspiring both textile design and furniture silhouettes.

How to incorporate this home decor trends into your interior

Expect curved and angular furniture with metallic gold accents. Blush tones in rich velvet fabrics, especially pink, will continue to be strong.

Keywords that inspire this trend: rich colours – art deco elements – modernist style – honest materials – inviting – simple opulence – solid craftsmanship

#3 Living Coral – Pantone colour of the year 2019

Pantone colour of the year, Living Coral is animating and life-affirming with undertones that “energize and enliven”. Living Coral’s eclectic playfulness lends itself to a range of design styles and applications and looks beautiful all-over on walls and as an accent colour, adding a cheerful pop of colour to almost any backdrop.

Home decor ideas to incorporate this trend into your interior

Use as bold, all-over wall colour, statement-making accent furniture and with strategic pops of colour such as with pillows, ottomans or throws. Pair it with navy, pinks and crisp whites for maximum impact. Expect coral to appear as a highlight colour in small home-wares and paired with textures in cushions, rugs, and bedding alike.

Keywords that inspire this trend: enliven – playful – energetic – cheerful – inviting – vibrant – warmth

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