Colour Trends 2020 | Top 9 Paint Colours For Your Interior

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Whether this be your living room, bedroom or home office, a fresh coat of paint is perfect for that instant room refresh! 

But we’ve all been there (and maybe you’re here right now!), picking the best paint colour for your walls can become a real headache. 

So if you need colour inspiration, here are the top 9 best interior paint colours trending for 2020 ranging from daring bold shades to our favourite grey and white hues!

#1. Yoland by Dulux 

Inspired by this season’s trend in Terracotta, Yoland by Dulux is a pinky soft variant perfect for those looking to dip their toe in this shade.

Embrace its cooling earth tones that will last the transition between the summer and autumn months. Switch up with crisp linens for the warmer months, and introduce worn leathers and textures for when the season changes. 

Designer’s Tip: Works best as a matte finish, and layered with other similar toned textures


#2 Show Business – Dulux 

This year again, earthy tones take front stage and we can safely say that this trend is here to stay. So don’t try to resist the call of Show Business by Dulux.

Easy to pair with that Mid-Century piece we already own and love, this hue is also one of the simple ways to add warmth into your home.It’s perfect for a nook, a feature wall or any point of detail for a considered approach to insert colour into an otherwise white room.

Designer’s Tip: Add in brushed gold lighting or hardware to create a warm lived-in space.

#3  Dreamy Teal – Taubmans

This teal mid-tone is perfect for all the botanicals you’ve been collecting. And because it’s a mid-tone, you can add almost any other colour without creating tension within the space.

Designer’s tip: Keep it fresh with lots of white, or moody and cosy with cool dark woods and black and grey textiles. If you’re feeling brave, you can also include some rich oranges that will contrast and battle with the teal.

#4 Wombat Forest – Dulux 

A few touches above white, this cool-toned grey is the perfect canvas for sun-soaked walls.

A light grey always works to refresh any space and will always be less boring than the stock standard white. The best thing about it? It already goes with essentially everything you have in your home.

Designer’s tip: This colour loves texture, so don’t hold back when adding in textiles and other materials. Think leather, knits and natural fibers.

#5 Dusted Violet – Taubmans

Pink has been around for a few seasons now and like eathy tones, is here to stay.

Dusted Violet by Taubmans is perfect for soft spaces like bedrooms and even works great in your main living spaces as you can balance the colour by using contrasting black metals and timbers. To create depth, pair it with plenty of natural fibers.

Designer’s tip: Complimented by patterned tiles and simplistic joinery, this pink works to create a dreamiest of kitchen spaces. 

#6 Ace of Spades – British Paints

Charcoal is the perfect almost black shade to create the moodiest of cosy atmospheres.

You can easily combine this shade with rich velvets of emerald and blue for a full complex colour pallet. But don’t forget that balance is very important when using dark colours so be careful not to overcrowd the room and leave it some space to breathe.

Designer’s Tip: If you have outdated timber panelling that needs an instant refresh, Ace of Spades will work perfectly to bring a contemporary touch to your room.

#7 Master Blue – Dulux

This saturated navy is the colour of the season.

Perfectly paired with those earthy terracotta’s tones, Master Blue by Dulux is the perfect colour for that sun-drenched living room, cosy den or pretty powder room. It’s also a super versatile colour that you can easily reference in cushions, rugs and curtains to create visual links back to your wall surface. And last but not least, it matches perfectly with any pre-existing hardware or metals with really great results. 

Designer’s tips: If you’re feeling unsure, the easiest way to approach this colour is with dark woods and crisp white trims. 

#8 Natural White – Dulux

We’re all over creamy whites that feel lived in and warm.

Natural White by Dulux is inviting and is the perfect solution if you’re over the starkness of a typical white. Plus, its warm base made it an easy colour to match with worn leather lounges, oak timber and all the handmade ceramics you can bare.

Designer’s Tip: Lean towards organic forms as this colour works best to create spaces that are calming and have a sense of flow. 

#9 Amphitrite – Dulux

This deep green is an evolution from the jewel-toned emeralds that were popular last year with a bit more of a blue base.

Matching perfectly with rattan furniture, pattern and dark timbers, Amphitrite by Dulux will work to complete any room. And don’t be shy, go and paint your entire room, a colour this beautiful can’t be limited to one wall only. 

Designer’s tips: Lean towards decorating a room painted this colour with lots of books, prints and worn gold hardware. 

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