A Designer’s Own Nursery

feat. Milray Park Designer Belinda Nihill
A Designer’s Own Nursery

Regardless of whether you’ve recently been made a parent (or if you’re an expectant one), whether you’ve decided to go Team Pink, Team Blue or Team Green (the neutral team), we know that creating just the loveliest nursery for your newborn is the common goal. So when Milray Park Designer Belinda Nihill found out that she was expecting her third son, Leo, she got cracking right away on the concept for this sweet space. Join us as we talk to her about the process and score her best tips.

When Belinda was making plans for the nursery (nearly four years ago now) the dominant design trend was everything monochrome.

“I wanted a room that was very textural. At the time, copper was just starting to come through so I incorporated it along with leather, texture and other natural elements”, the designer explained.

Knowing that she was having a boy, Belinda incorporated some subtle masculine elements into the room, while keeping the neutrality of the space in tact. And as often all the the little details do when carefully curated, they came together beautifully to make a special space for both parent and baby to enjoy.

Belinda’s Best Tip To Create a Nursery For A Newborn

Create a room that is unique and individual to your family. It’s easy to follow trends and include things purely because they are ‘so hot right now’…but really think about things that are important to your family. Maybe you have a special saying, song or activity?

Since founding the Nest Design Studio back in 2010, Belinda has designed over 300 rooms for little humans. Whether it’s a nursery, bedroom or playground, Belinda is an expert when it comes to creating the perfect space for little ones.

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