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With interior design, possibilities are endless. Hooray! But we know that sometimes, this can be a little bit tricky (the choices!).

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new place or just want to give one of your rooms a bit of an update, the questions remain the same. Where to start? Where to look? How to recreate the perfect look you have in mind with only a few hours a week you can dedicate to the task? How to make sure you’re buying the right piece of furniture? And how to make sure you get the best value for the money, time (and sanity) spent?

Who better to ask for a bit of help than our lovely designers themselves!?

To get your inspired and show you what a designer could do for your space, we gave Milray Park Designer Jessica Franklin a blank canvas (an empty bedroom) and asked her to create two different looks for under $4,000.

Here are her creations. And lucky you, the two looks are entirely shop-able online. Does decorating get much easier??

So while yes, possibilities are endless, you’re not alone! Milray Park is here to help 🙂

#1 The Modern Bedroom

“For the modern bedroom look, I chose to use a mix of natural materials and polished brass as shown in the lamps. The furniture provides a gentle nod to the mid-century era, whilst the soft colour palette ties everything together and makes for a relaxing space.”


#1 The Contemporary Bedroom

“In the contemporary bedroom, the muted colour palette makes way for the texture in the space to really stand out. An upholstered armchair provides a luxurious feel whilst the moody artwork catches the eye and creates interest. A ‘live’ element is always a must for me in any sleeping space, so potted greenery in both rooms services this requirement whilst also looking pretty!”


Start a project with Jessica Franklin and enjoy $50 credit towards your first design project with the promo code JESSICA50.

Jessica’s approach to design

“For me, Interior Design is all about making your house feel like a home. Trends come and go, but true design and style should be timeless. I love spaces that feel warm and inviting, and with an upbringing in the English countryside and now the coastal suburbs of Bondi Beach, natural materials and elements tend to feature frequently in my style. Anyone and everyone deserves the right to a beautiful home, and this amazing platform can help you achieve that.”

Milray Park gives all Australians access to personalised interior design services for one simple $299 flat-fee price.

Learn How it works and Get started on your design project!

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