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Are you about to embark on an interior design adventure? Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or redecorating a tired and outdated space, there are a few key principles you can follow to ensure you get a wow-worthy result, and on a budget.

Check out our top tips below.

#1 Focus on finishes

One of the biggest keys to creating a luxurious look for less is to focus on finishes that take up the most floor or eye-space in a room. Things like quality wall paint, wallpaper, flooring and fabrics will accentuate a higher standard well beyond their actual price.

When you add higher quality items into the mix, you are actually adding to the overall look and feel of your home, making the vibe of your interiors more convincing.

#2 Spend on showstoppers

To save money overall, be wise about what furniture and accents really require investment. The goal is to make more ordinary objects look spectacular by investing in a few key pieces.

Think quality tapware and fixtures, a beautiful couch, or a stunning floor lamp. In love with a dining set but don’t want to fork out a fortune? Buy the table and save on the chairs. You just need to follow the principle that when anything is a focal point, consider spending a little bit more.

#3 Take your time

There’s certainly truth to the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ so when you’re decorating it’s important to take your time to plan and do your research. Browse Pinterest, quality interior design blogs and magazines to garner some inspiration.

With a bit of time, you’ll have a good idea of what kinds of themes you like and the ones you absolutely hate.

#4 Make use of what you already have

The secret to good style isn’t just buying everything new. While it might be tempting to buy every component of a look you see in a catalogue, the price can quickly rack up. And besides, mixing a bit of old and new together will result in a more unique space.

To save some coin, simply try moving furniture around, paint wooden furniture or cabinets, or add new handles and knobs to wardrobes, drawers and doors. Have a piece of furniture you like the shape of but aren’t sure of the colour? If it’s got good bones, reupholster it with an up-to-date quality fabric.

#5 Share the cost

The beauty of having friends is that we don’t have to go through life alone, nor do we have to bear the burden of an expensive lounge suite on our own. If you’ve got a friend who is also looking to overhaul their space, they might also be on the market for new furniture. Consider splitting a lounge suite you both love down the middle. You take the armchairs and your friend can take the lounge! It’s a win-win.

#6 Go to auction sales, charity shops and markets

Some of the best and most unique pieces you’ll find will be at your humble market down the road or your local Salvos. Don’t feel married to the idea that your home needs to be furnished with pieces from chain stores or expensive boutique furniture retailers. Markets, charity stores, auction houses and antique shops are all perfect places to find beautiful porcelain, mid-century furniture, moody oil paintings and elegant candelabras.

Don’t be afraid out of venture out of town to go treasure hunting. You’ll definitely nab a bargain in the country or smaller regional hubs.

#7 Hire an interior designer from just $299 per room

Struggling to nail down your theme? Still not sure where to look? Or have a crucial room that will set the tone for the rest of the home? Hire an interior designer. It’s hard to believe, but actually, a good interior designer doesn’t need to cost the earth.

With Milray Park, you can hire top interior designers from all over Australia, starting from just $299 per room.

Find out more or start a project.

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