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Picking the perfect colour scheme for your space can be hard, especially with the vast array of tones to choose from. Although it might be tempting to include every on-trend colour into your space, you risk losing that delicate cohesion and alienating yourself from what you really respond to. You’ll be living with it every day so it needs to go the distance! Here are a few tricks to help you pick the perfect colour scheme.

Tip #1: Go broad and work backwards

Go broad and refine! The best place to start with is, well everywhere! Get inspired and make some Pinterest boards, pinning whatever you like the look of. Once you’re all pinned out, take a step back and try to see a common thread (or palette)! Trust us it works!

Tip #2: Get outdoors

Don’t forget to get outdoors! Where we are drawn to in nature holds some good clues as to what’s instinctual to us. You may be drawn to the cool hues of the ocean, or the earthy tones of the bush. See where your feet take you and get some fresh air in the process!

Tip #3: What are you wearing? 

Check out your wardrobe and see what colours you like to wear . Picking colours you already gravitate to on a daily basis will leave you more confident with your colour decision. Not to mention go well with your skin tone when you’re spending time in your beautiful space!

Tip #4: The 60-30-10 Design Rule

The golden rule with colour, all comes down to balance because colours (and textures) look best when there is contrast! We’re a big fan of the 60-30-10 rule. The 60% is your dominant colour, this acts as a base colour for the room. Then comes the secondary colour which takes up 30%, this colour should act as a support to your dominant colour, this colour should be different enough to create depth and interest. Finally, the 10% is where you can have fun with colourful soft furnishings, art and decorations.

Tip #5: Ask for Help 

Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for advice.  It can be daunting to think you are out there on your own making decisions about colours. If you feel out of your depth when it comes to choices best to reach out to an expert, they can alleviate a lot of the stress (and repainting headaches).

We hope these quick tips help you narrow down the infinite colour choices available and give you the dreamiest of colour schemes to enjoy every day!

For more inspiration check out our Pinterest Board!

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