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Milray Park: Affordable Online Interior Design Service For $299 / room


When it comes to decorating, Eva (a yoga aficionado) and her partner couldn’t be more yin/yang! This became even more apparent when they moved in together into their first property, a newly built 2 bedroom unit in up and coming Rosebery. “I’d say I’m more of a country/boho girl when he’s all about clean lines and modern feels”, explains Eva. “All my previous furniture was all white, and his was all black – no wonder why we couldn’t seem to find a compromise”.

“Working for Houzz, I’m lucky and get to look at beautiful interior design all day every day, so I thought it would be easy trying to shop for furniture for our first home. But it  turned out to be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating. One day, Milray Park was mentioned in an article on Houzz and I immediately jumped on it since we’d been struggling for weeks.”


Eva said that it was the accessible $299/room price-point for a personal interior designer that won her over, “I couldn’t believe the price point, it was like dream come true!” That, and reading the Milray Park Before/After Marrickville apartment case study of another happy couple making a new home together. “I couldn’t believe the awesome price, it was like dream come true!”

Scrolling through Milray Park Designers directory, Eva was attracted to April Moore’s portfolio and approach to design and decided to invite her to her design project. A few minutes later, April had accepted her invite and the challenge to transform Eva’s bare and cold living room into a serene, cosy, simple, inviting, bright and airy space for the couple to enjoy together.

# Eva’s Living Room

Budget: $5,000

Design note: “A warm scandi palette is a timeless way to create a contemporary apartment that’s full of personality. Here, different natural materials like leather, hide and timber balance the coolness of the white and grey base. We’ve created a functional hallway solution that adds extra storage to the open plan living area and creates a talking piece with a statement wall hanging.” Milray Park Designer April Moore.

# Eva’s Feedback

What are the top 3 things you liked the most about your experience?

  1. Fill in the brief section. It was so fun to look for inspirational pictures and put together a Pinterest board.
  2. My designer! April was so accommodating. Not only did she find the right balance between our two styles, she also made all our ideas next level! 
  3. Shop with Milray Park aka the free personal shopper service! It really took the pain of ordering from all different suppliers and organising deliveries ourselves completely away. One click and that was done. Plus I saved money on my furniture and home decor!

“It seems like a luxury to hire an interior designer but Milray Park makes it so accessible for people who are on a budget. Plus for the $299 price, you’ve got nothing to lose! To be honest, I didn’t expect to get that much out of such an affordable service. I loved it so much, I even started two more projects!”


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