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Feeling like your room is missing that je ne sais quoi? Milray Park Designers share their latest home decor finds to help you add some personality to your interiors + unique insights on why you should invest in them this season.


Minimalist & Cosy

– Selection by Milray Park Designer Rory Carter – 


#1 Queen Linen Bedding Set Silver Grey by Assembly Label

After sleeping in 100% linen sheets, you can’t go back. This soft, silver grey bedding set is my go-to for a crisp and clean look. Paired with simple white or even a striped sheet, your bed will look magazine-worthy every day.

#2 J’ai Soif Garage & Glass by Maison Balzac

Perfect for the bedside table, this carafe and tumbler set is always high on my homewares list. Featuring a timeless shape and available in a range of chic colored glass options, it’s both beautiful and practical as an everyday item for your home.

#3 Santal 26 Concrete Candle by Le Labo

When choosing homewares, I always opt for a less is more approach and select statement pieces that can stand alone. One of my favourites for a coffee table, shelf, or bathroom vanity is this oversized concrete candle in Le Labo’s signature scent that fills your home with an amazing aroma while acting as a modern ornament to elevate any room.

Pop of Colours & Geometric Forms

– Selection by Milray Park Designer Kate Leabeater – 


#4 Malawi Rug in Kelp by Armadillo & Co

Armadillo & Co recently released a couple of their designs in stunning new colour options and I find it difficult to pick which colour I love the most! I often specify a bold solid colour rug in a space but choose something with a bit of movement to the texture so it does not look like a flat colour.  The Malawi rug has short tufted like rows which give it lots of texture and feels great under your feet!

#5 Clover Floor Mirror by Coco Republic

A floor mirror can be a great space filler but is also very practical as if this is placed correctly the reflection can make any space look bigger.

This design from Coco Republic is bold with its geometric like frame and would really pack a punch in any interior whether it was bright and colourful or a had a more sophisticated vibe.

#6 Natural Raku Vessel | Jardan

A lot of my designs include colour but I do like to add accents that have more of natural element to them to blend styles and create an eclectic space. The Raku vase is a textural vessel which was hand made by Simone Karra. With the larger opening at the top of the vessel, when styling you can lean florals to give a casual but beautiful angle to the piece.


Textured Layering & Mixed Materials 

– Selection by Milray Park Designer Julie Hurd –   


#7 Zahra Storage Unit by Globe West

Ever since Globewest released their Zahra range last year, the Zahra Storage Unit has been on my radar. The handcrafted delicate geometric bone pattern against contrasting statement circle handles, make this a unique piece. Perfect to add a touch of Eastern Charm to classic and contemporary interiors.

#8 Frank the Manta Ray Family by Mr Pinchy & Co

My favourite design element is texture. I’m particularly drawn to mixed metals, brass more specifically. “Frank the Manta Ray” from Mr Pinchy & Co is unique, quirky and would sit so elegantly on any bookshelf, or coffee table. It’s definitely on my wishlist.

#9 Savannah by Michael Bond

I have been coveting a Michael Bond artwork for some time now. I’m particularly drawn to this gorgeous limited edition”Savannah”, the layering of colours truly makes this a statement piece. 


Sustainable Materials & Earthy Tones

– Selection by Milray Park Designer Julianne Bull – 


#10 Horn Vase by Dinosaur Design

 The handmade and one-of-a-kind nature of these vases makes them a treasure to own. With or without bloom or foliage they’re a beautiful decorative item to use in any room or space. Being Australian-made is also very important to me as a designer.

#11 Miniature Malawi Rug by Armadillo & Co

I’m obsessed with the recently released mini rugs from Armadillo & Co. The size is so versatile and can be used beside a bed, in an entry, or in front of a console. Each rug is hand-knotted from sustainable materials and the price point works with any budget.

#12 Akari 1A Light by Vitra

Designed by Isamu Noguchi in 1951 these lamps are handcrafted by traditional washi paper by Japanese artisans. They’re so delicate and their simplistic design makes them suitable in many interior styles and settings.


Storytelling & Whimsy 

– Selection by Milray Park In-House Designer Adrianna Kostic – 


#13 Monstera Leaf Fan by Pu Bu Me Su

Handmade from calf hide leather and oxen horn, these crafted fans are the perfect addition to any home. I’m a big believer that all accessories should add something to a space. This fan is a bit fun, a bit silly, and just that little bit extra. Its size and pop of colour are a great conversation piece for when simply complaining about the heat doesn’t quite fill the void.

#14 Kartell Colonna Stool by Space Furniture

I love everything about Kartell Colonna Stools. The shape, the colours, and even the materiality. When used well, their form feels more art than function, however, its versatility as a working item is not to be overlooked. My personal favorite is the green colourway. A lot of the pieces I’m drawn to at the moment have an overarching sense of energy and this green gives just that.

#15 Breast Friend Vase Olive by Anissa Kermiche

At the moment, I’m loving all things ceramic and the current trend exploring womens’ bodies and their form. We’ve seen it in candles, art, and other decor items. I love this specific iteration for its irregularity. The décolletage is the focus presenting only a slice of a woman. The colour jumps out – again loving bright and lively shades – and I love how you can pair this with some seasonal blooms or leave it empty as a sculptural piece. 


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