Interior Design Trend 2017- Turn Wine Cork Into Home Decor

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Cork is making a come back and it should not be underestimated!

More than just an office noticeboard 

When most people think of cork all they can picture is an old cork notice board in a dreary office. Cork is such a versatile material that can be used for almost anything from flooring to furniture. It even looks great when mixed with other materials so there are plenty of ways you can play around with this material.

It’s environmentally friendly

Not just a versatile material, cork is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Making it even more amazing is the way it is harvested. It can be peeled off the exterior of the cork oak tree without permanently impacting the tree allowing it to fully regenerate between harvesting periods.
On top of that, it also naturally absorbs toxins in the air and it’s antimicrobial so its perfect for people who suffer from allergies.

How to add it to your space

Adding cork to your space is easy, try making a statement with a cork feature wall for your office, bedroom or even bathroom. Cork tables, benches and stools are perfect for adding warmth and texture to your space. If you are still unsure about cork start with a small cork plant holder or pendant light. 

For more inspiration on how to incorporate cork in your space check out our Pinterest board!

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